Should You Consider Sapphire For Your Engagement Ring?


Gemstone engagement rings offer a bold and striking alternative to traditional diamond rings. And out of the rainbow of possibilities, sapphires are probably the most prized gemstone for adding color to your ring. From celebrities to royalty, many influential couples have chosen engagement rings featuring sapphires for a more unique and personal symbol of their promise to one another.

In the jewelry industry, sapphires are considered one of the “Big Four” precious stones alongside diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Practically, sapphires are well suited for use in engagement rings because of their remarkable durability and hardness — rated a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale. Sapphires also have great sentimental meaning; they symbolize loyalty, trust and commitment. As the gemstone for September, a sapphire can also represent the month you two met or fell in love or one of your birthstones.

No discussion of sapphire engagement rings would be complete without mentioning the one given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles in 1981. Almost thirty years later, Prince William presented the same 12ct sapphire and diamond halo ring to Kate Middleton. Considered one of the most famous engagement rings in the world, it sparked a trend in sapphire rings on both occasions.

As a center stone or side stones, sapphires add distinctive style and personalization to your engagement ring. Here are some ways you can incorporate the ultimate “something blue” in your ring.

Channel royalty with this iconic oval cut sapphire engagement ring. The velvety blue center stone is nestled within a shimmering diamond halo.

A duo of ravishing pear cut sapphire side stones lend their bold hue to this bypass style ring. The round cut center stone is also cradled by two strands of glistening diamonds.

Two channels of princess cut sapphires make a bold statement in this extraordinary white gold engagement ring. A more traditional diamond halo is an elegant finishing touch.

Triple the sapphires for amplified impact. This sumptuous three stone halo engagement ring offers an alluring mix of shapes: a princess cut sapphire center stone and pear shaped sapphire side stones.

Sapphires have been one of the most popular precious gems for centuries, and we don’t see an end in sight. Stand out from the crowd with a dazzlingly distinctive sapphire engagement ring.

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