Sparkling Sweet Sixteen Gifts That Will Last Her a Lifetime

One of the most celebrated milestones of a girl’s life is her sixteenth birthday.  Most girls have some sweet memory of this occasion whether it was a modest celebration with family or a long-awaited and meticulously planned blowout!  It is her transition from childhood to adulthood.

Sweet sixteen gifts are often dated- a new dress, perfume or make-up (I got a hairdryer for my sixteenth birthday!). Modern teenagers are gifted with new phones or a credit card- even a car! While these things are exciting and new there is nothing truer than the saying, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Diamonds last a lifetime and bring sophistication to your maturing young lady.  Diamond hoop “huggie” earrings have an edgier flare and are perfect for every personality.  Huggie earrings “hug” the lobe wrapping it in shimmer.  They are more than a birthday gift- they can be worn to prom, first dates, and graduation. What parent doesn’t melt at the thought of their little girl growing up?  You begin to remember all the little things that make her special. 14k Diamond huggies have just the right dainty sparkle for your special “little girl”.  Another classic look is a14k white gold stud with pavé diamonds, simple yet elegant.


The significance of the sixteenth birthday is the coming of age for a young girl.  This recognition is equal to many other cultures where one’s age marks significant changes that are not just happening naturally but also marks a level of position and responsibility within your family and in your community.  A Mexican girl’s equivalent to a sweet sixteen is her Quinceanera. At fifteen years old she is considered a young woman, and as such, has new privileges and responsibilities. In the Orthodox Hebrew faith, a young girl has a Bat Mitzvah celebration at the age of twelve and for twenty-year-old Japanese women, they celebrate much like Americans for their Coming of Age Festival, partying with friends and family.

Although American coming of age celebrations are less about tradition and more symbolic of freedom, some families do hold traditions such as family dinners where extended family members are invited to participate, and of course, there is the gift-giving. Honoring her birth month with her dedicated gemstone is a great way to make it colorful.


Oftentimes, it is important to give an heirloom gift like grandma’s pearls but a young woman celebrating new freedom wants to show off her own bling-on-bling.  Between girlfriends, sharing the same style in a different colored metal can perfectly represent that friendship bond.  Matching funky rings that wrap around the finger, with pave diamonds, available in 14k rose, white and yellow gold is a great choice for your daughter and her best friends.


In the spirit of generational gifts, fine jewelry gifts with playful motifs are perfect from family members that can be passed down generations for their classic beauty. Diamond studs enhanced with 0.16 carats of diamonds in a delicate flower pattern and a necklace with 0.10 carats of diamonds shaped into a star are gifts that will last forever.


To complete the gift seta graceful heart-shaped reminder of how much she is loved, can also be added.  These gifts will be keepsakes for her as she continues to mature and grow into a fine young lady.


For every personality and personal style, Gabriel & Co. has your little girl’s perfect gift.  


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