Stack Them High: Stackable Diamond Eternity Bands


When I first started collecting jewelry, after creating a jewelry staple wardrobe of studs, hoops, solitaire necklaces and statement rings, I continued with a stack of eternity bands. There were numerous reasons why I did this and I would suggest doing the same for any woman building a collection or a complete jewelry wardrobe.  

You can admire your hands while you’re working on the computer or at a desk, and even play with them and roll them up and down on your finger when you are thinking or worrying about something.  Additionally, eternity bands are much chic than worry beads.

There are innumerable combinations and most of them will work out as long as you know how many look good on your finger. The trick is to stop a little below the knuckle so you can still move your finger and your stack will still look elegant and not be overdone.

You can mix different shapes, different size diamonds, diamonds with gemstones, and different colored metals all on one finger.

And, most importantly it’s a whole lot of fun—trying on different combinations, buying one or a few at a time and styling and curating them on your fingers.

You can also create stacks around your wedding band and engagement ring. But, why let your left hand have all the sparkle. Why not stack a few more around your bridal rings and the rest on your other hand?

Did you know that one of our favorite style icons Audrey Hepburn stacked two gold geometric bands around her diamond eternity wedding band—all purchased for her when she was married to Mel Ferrer? She didn’t always wear them together but when she did, they looked perfectly suited in the different colors of gold with the diamond band popping from in between.

Stacking rings are not as new as the IG hashtag #stackthenewblack would have us believe. 

Women have been wearing rings like this for centuries and actually wore rings in multiples on all of their fingers. But let’s get back to the present day. The eternity bands we are talking about in this blog feature all-around designs in different silhouettes.

Here are some that work well together—and if you want to see more—Gabriel and Co. have myriad styles from which to choose.

These are just a few of my favorites that I would want to own and wear together.

The best place to start is with pave set eternity bands in two different sizes and two different colored golds, which can be worn as the bottom and the top of each stack or can break up the geometric pattern in between, such as these:

14K White Gold French Pavé Set Diamond Eternity Band – 0.43 CT

14K Rose Gold Micro Pavé Diamond Eternity Band – 0.76 TCW

Then, start adding in some textured and intricate shapes in eternity bands without diamonds.  You can wear these between or around the different silhouettes of marquise, round and princess-shaped rings. These are in rose and yellow gold and will work well with the diamond bands.

14K Rose Gold Braided Stackable Ring

14K Yellow Gold Plain Ladies Ring

Then you can begin to play with different shapes and settings of your diamond eternity bands such as these:

14K Yellow Gold Geometric Diamond Stackable Ring

Style: LR4379Y45J

14K Yellow Gold Baguette and Round Diamond Stackable Ring

Vintage Inspired 14K White Gold Bezel Set Diamond Eternity Band – 0.29 TCW

Vintage Inspired 14K White Gold Marquise and Round Station Diamond Eternity Band – 0.51 TCW

These are just some of the rings that will work well in combination with each other and provide different metals, shapes and diamond cuts.  Depending on how long your fingers are—the rings looked best stacked in odd numbers of three, five, or seven— these are lucky numbers that are supposed to protect you and bring good fortune and also add to the romance and joy of wearing stacked eternity bands.

Explore more and shop all of Gabriel & Co.’s vast selection of eternity bands.