Symbolism and Unique Features of Cross Necklaces


A brief history of the cross and Gabriel & Co.’s modern variations on an iconic emblem.

Whether you’re a devout follower of religious faith or spiritually inclined to another secular form, the cross has been an ever-present symbol throughout history. It’s a beacon of strength, hope, and altruism. We see it in film, church, home décor, literature, and often worn as a jewelry talisman.

Throughout the evolution of jewelry design and the incorporation of symbolic objects and shapes, the cross remains the most ubiquitous symbol. The meaning behind the wearer is the question… is it a representation of faith? A fashion statement? Or it could be both! Maybe the cross shape holds a memory that is personal to you and wearing one reminds you fondly of a family member or another place in time. 

Simple yet, customizable shape

The cross, a simple geometric shape is one of the most universal symbols in the world.  A powerful and rudimentary shape with many variations of design embellishments which can be seen in artwork and jewelry alike.  

Here is a simple sideways cross design as the focal point of this minimal chain necklace. This style offers effortless style and ease. A twist on the traditional pendant, it can be worn by itself or accessorized with multiple necklace styles.

Similar to the design mentioned prior, this chain necklace is minimal and features a sideways cross. Though instead of a central design feature, this 14K white gold necklace incorporates the pavé diamond cross into its chain. It gives the wearer a bit of asymmetry in their jewelry accessorizing rather than a standard pendant. 

The cross symbol in religious groups 

The cross has long been a symbol for Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Moravian, Anglican, and Lutheran Christians. It is most commonly used as a crucifix in public services.  In BC (before Christ) time the cross was widely used in ancient Babylonia before it spread to ancient Middle East cultures.  It is most often aligned with the Christian faith in the representation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 

Another variation of the cross is this art deco-inspired-shaped pendant. It features 14K yellow gold cross that has been texturized to feature fanned out embossing on all four of its points, giving it a geometric appreciation for lines, angles, and perfect form. 

With rounded edges of 14K yellow gold beads, this cross pendant looks reminiscent of Celtic or Greek Catholic crosses. Though minimal pendant, its twisted rope design gives it a powerful structure and texture. 

Artistic embellishments of the cross shape

There are many variations of the cross in faith and our relationship to what the cross means to us . There are limitless designs that bear the cross. They can be showcased in vintage-inspired designs, antique art nouveau, and art deco era jewelry. Gabriel & Co. has a collection of gorgeous cross designs that are reminiscent of royalty and similar time periods.

A subtle effort with minimal components, this cross pendant necklace showcases the shape made up of 14K yellow gold beads with a bezel set diamond centerpiece giving this necklace opportunity for sparkle.

Want to make a glamorous statement? Make a bold move with this dazzling diamond pavé necklace that showcases multiple strands of diamonds that move in a sunburst motif almost like the Macy’s holiday star that lights up downtown Seattle during the holidays. 

Art Deco was the follow-up to Art Nouveau as a more structured and symmetrical design category. Geometry, triangular shapes, and intricate linear design heavily influenced the period.  This 18K white gold diamond cross pendant showcases diamonds all over a sleek cross shape that fans out its points giving this cross pendant an emblematic prominence. 

All kinds of cross jewelry styles will bring pure compassion to your look. A simple statement or a bold statement, the cross holds powerful meaning that is personal to you, so why not find your ideal cross pendant or modern cross necklace by checking out Gabriel & Co.’s collections.