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Ruby: Gem Of Passion

Known for its fiery red color, the ruby gemstone has been nicknamed “the gem of precious stones” as it can command the highest per-carat price of any other colored stone. The small number of rubies that grow large enough to crystallize into quality gems can exceed the price of a diamond that is the same size. Not…

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Everyday Necklaces That are Not Initial Necklaces

The modern-day woman has a very active lifestyle. For days packed with meetings to picking up the children, to happy hour drinks with girlfriends, there is everyday fine jewelry. Fashion necklaces handcrafted from precious metals and embedded with diamonds can be worn every day to look and make you feel great. While initial pendant necklaces have been very popular in recent times, there are exquisitely modern alternatives to choose from to transform your look.

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Bring On the Magic of Diamond Jewelry in 2020

ou might have a few diamond essentials—studs, a solitaire necklace and a tennis bracelet already in your jewelry rotation but here are five easy pieces that can work well with what you own or act as great starting points if you are just building your diamond collection. All are on trend while still maintaining an air of enduring timelessness.

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