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Must-Have Hoop Earrings to Update Your Look for Any Occasion

Hoop earrings are perhaps the most quintessential piece of jewelry that every woman acquires right after their first ear piercing. They transcend fashion trends, cultural stereotypes as well as personal style to be the truly ubiquitous piece of jewelry. Although like every woman is unique with a personality & style of her own, all hoops are not created equal either. A few essential hoops will take you through every occasion and look.

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True Romance – Jewelry Straight From the Heart

Every woman desires a little romance and there’s nothing like a meaningful jewel to show her how much you care. From the enduring quality of diamonds to a range of motifs that reflect the sentiments of love, hopes and dreams, at Gabriel & Co. we have you covered with jewelry that comes straight from the heart. Speaking of hearts, we offer a range of this iconic motif in jewelry that represents all types of love in all of its phases.

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Bring On the Magic of Diamond Jewelry in 2020

ou might have a few diamond essentials—studs, a solitaire necklace and a tennis bracelet already in your jewelry rotation but here are five easy pieces that can work well with what you own or act as great starting points if you are just building your diamond collection. All are on trend while still maintaining an air of enduring timelessness.

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