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Valentine’s Day heart history

Show Me Your Heart Hearts throughout history to Gabriel & Co. Modern Day Interpretations For those of you who appreciate sweet gestures, receiving chocolate shaped hearts for Valentine’s Day might satisfy our desire for something literally sweet (especially those with ganache centers) but wouldn’t you prefer your hearts in precious metals and gemstones? I know…

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Love Everlasting: Valentine’s Day Picks

By Beth Bernstein, Instore Guest Editor Valentine’s Day picks that allow your loved one to sparkle in gold and diamond hearts and flowers. Sure, we all love a box of chocolates or a beautiful bouquet of flowers. But chocolates get eaten (too quickly) and flowers eventually fade, so let’s help Valentine’s Day gift givers to…

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Have a Heart

Have a Heart by Beth Bernstein Beth Bernstein Guest Editor from INSTORE magazine Tweet Let’s face it, men are not on the same wave length when it comes to what women desire and appreciate in jewelry. They wait until the last minute for gift buying. And to top it off, they think flowers, a box of…

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