That One Perfect Gift

Thanks to discount days and deals, — Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Star Money Days, Door Buster Sales, 30% off, 60% off, Buy 2 get 1 free, and take 60 months to pay — holiday gift giving has morphed into something of an extreme sport or contest, where the big winners are those who score an SUV crammed with bargains. The result often is that your nearest and dearest are the receivers of lots of ‘stuff’, not because these were items they really wanted, or ones you chose because you knew they would love them, but because “Look what I got on sale!”

But buying gifts was never supposed to be a competition, nor were we raised to regard fistfuls of slashed price tags as a sign of affection. Ten things that are nice, maybe even useful, are no match for one perfect gift because for the giver, the perfect gift is an unforgettable marker of that moment in time when you made yourself open and vulnerable enough to let someone know how grateful he/she is in your world by choosing something you hope they’ll cherish that only could have come from you.

The mythical power of jewelry is that because it is as everlasting as it is ever-alluring: It will always gleam as a beacon of this moment when you were reminded that you matter, and that your mutual affection has enriched both your lives.   

This season, I urge you to take a long, slow, careful, and enlightening journey through The World of Gabriel, and see how many pieces we have created with just this level of heartfelt warmth in mind. Though we never shy away from the spectacularly crafted showstoppers, we are perhaps even a wee bit prouder of the filigreed photo locket, that small but shimmering starburst pendant, the playfully versatile stackable rings that are easy to wear and fit perfectly together. It’s fine jewelry everyday that entices the recipient to wear a special Gabriel piece as their ‘go-to’ piece.

It becomes a permanent part of their silhouette, partially because of our craftsmanship and harmonious designs, but most importantly because of Gabriel’s source of inspiration – you. When presented under these conditions, jewelry isn’t merely just ‘stuff’: It’s the extension of the heart, and the beginning of a lifelong memory of love.