The Love of A Lifetime-The Engagement Ring You’ve Been Waiting For


Whether you are getting married for the 2nd time or you decided to wait and get married later in life, you will most likely have a better idea of your personal style. You will also most likely be involved in the process of choosing the ring, which will put less pressure on the groom-to-be and it will give you the opportunity to express yourself and signify your unique relationship . While some of you will still want a diamond ring—you might go for a ring that’s edgy and modern or if you have waited for “the one” and finally found him, you might want to commemorate your marriage with a  vintage inspired style—a look that has withstood the test of time. Some of you will want to go bigger in the size of the diamond if your first diamond was a carat or under. If you love the layered or stacked looks, At Gabriel & Co, we have created one ring that features a center solitaire and two eternity bands or a wide band with a center diamond. Yellow gold bands with white gold detailing and diamond accents are perfect for the woman who wants something more every day yet with chic stylized slant. And then there are the eternity bands that will stack with other rings, if you decide to create a look with multiple wedding bands rather than a more conventional diamond engagement ring.

Here are some styles that represent a variety of looks. There styles reflect a woman who knows herself, her style and is celebrating sharing her life and journey with the man whom she has fallen head over heels in love after spending time learning more about what she needed and what she can bring to a relationship.

This 14K White Gold Vintage Inspired Diamond Halo Engagement Ring sits close to the finger for those who don’t like a high set diamond. The details are delicate and feminine recalling the lacy openwork of the Edwardian era.

For women who want a shape that they didn’t have during their first marriage or for women who just want something a little different in a diamond, this 14K White Gold Oval Halo Diamond Engagement Ring fits the bill. It’s chic and classic, and is imbued with a sophistication that is timely yet enduring.

This 14K White Gold Cushion Halo Round Diamond Ring offers an engagement and wedding band all in one ring. The wide band features four rows of round and baguette diamonds which is perfect for a woman who likes her finger to sparkle with some serious bling.

For women who waited to tie the knot or for those who had a small diamond the first  time around, you might be  looking for a larger diamond now. This 14K White Gold Cushion Halo Engagement Ring allows for a substantial round diamond that bespeaks a timeless elegance

A truly modern take on engagement rings this 14K Yellow Gold Split Shank Round Diamond style is perfect for a woman who desires a ring that’s contemporary in style yet subtle and one that can be worn with a nonchalant ease.

IF you love vintage rings, then this 14K White Gold Vintage Inspired Diamond Halo Engagement Ring gives a nod to the past and features extraordinary details such as marquise shaped diamond clusters, engraving and milgrain imbuing it with  presence and character.

With this 14K White Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring you get three rings in one and a luxe layered look. The split shanks allows for two diamond bands to flank a polished shank for the diamond center solitaire.

This sculptural 14K White Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring is perfect for women who desire an engagement ring that features a highly stylized look yet. It’s on trend with what’s happening in jewelry today—individual, alternative and unconventional—yet still enduring.

A more subtle approach is wearing an ornate band as your engagement and wedding ring. This 14K White-Yellow Gold Swirling Diamond Stackable Ring. The white gold set with diamonds perfectly accent this band which can also be added to for anniversaries and other special occasions.

Style: LR5705M45JJ

The 14K White Gold Vintage Inspired Diamond Band is wide and perfect for a woman who wants one ring that does it all.

The detail and tactile interest of this 14K Yellow Gold Geometric Diamond Station Grommet Ring exudes modernity and has an everyday appeal. The design is original and unique and a conversation starter. It is another style that can be stacked with thin eternity bands as time goes on.

Style: LR51546Y45JJ