The Many Promises Behind Promise Rings

While many people give promise rings as a gesture of love and romantic commitment, those aren’t the only reasons people exchange promise rings. The reasons behind exchanging or giving a promise ring often vary, but the intention is basically the same for most people. The giver is making a promise to the wearer about something significant to both of them, and the ring is a tangible symbol of that promise.

A promise doesn’t have to be specifically between just couples; it can also be between family and friends. It’s between the giver and the wearer to decide the intended meaning of a promise ring.

Between Lovers: As a pre-engagement ring, it is a symbol of their commitment and fidelity to one another as a couple.

Between Friends: It is a promise to be always there for one another; memories will be kept and that their bonds will not be broken.

Wait For Me Symbol: A promise ring is usually given when two lovers are going to be separated for a long period of time from one another. It symbolizes their love and comment to wait for one another.

Between A Parent And Child: A promise ring between a parent and a child can have many different meanings. It can be given by parent to daughter as she is starting a new life journey after graduating school or as a symbol of love, strength of family.

There are many styles of promise rings, but most importantly make sure you consider the promise and type of ring that will best fit the personality of the receiver. A promise ring can be worn on any finger, on a chain around the neck or even on a toe. There literally are no rules for how and where promise rings should be worn. The significance behind the giving of the ring is far more important than where it appears on the body.

Promise rings are as much a symbol of intent as they are a declaration of love. They honor the relationship by creating a vision of the giver and wearer’s future together. If you are looking for a special way to express your commitment, consider giving a promise ring.

Here are a few different types of promise rings worn today.

  • The round center bypass diamond engagement ring is the perfect promise ring for young lovers.
  • The twisted diamond knot eternity ring is the perfect symbol of eternal love, be it between two lovers and/or two friends.
  • The crown-motif ring shows your loved one that she is the queen of your heart.
  • The twisted vine of pave diamonds and precious gold ring gracefully worn together symbolizing an unbreakable bond of love.
  • The yellow gold double puff heart bypass ring is the true essence of two hearts becoming one.

Gabriel & Co. has many promise ring options. Any ring can become a promise ring. There are no rules, it’s up to you! View our full ring collection here. If you love it that’s all that counts.