The Striking Sparkle of White Gold Engagement Rings

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Style #: ER6872W44JJ

Modern and versatile, white gold engagement rings are a popular choice for today’s bride-to-be. In jewelry, white gold is valued for its strength, durability and scratch resistance. Additionally, white gold’s silvery color and reflective appearance make it an ideal companion for white diamonds. These features make white gold as practical as it is beautiful. Since pure gold is too soft to be used alone in jewelry, white gold is a mixture of yellow gold combined with silver, nickel, manganese and/or palladium. White gold is also usually coated in rhodium which helps resists scratching and tarnishing. Compared to platinum, white gold is much more affordable. 

Gabriel-ER12416R4W44JJ-1 White gold is an excellent choice for women with fair or rosy skin tones as well as those who gravitate toward cool colors and silver-tone jewelry. White gold also tends to look more modern than yellow gold engagement rings. In Gabriel & Co.’s extensive collection of white gold engagement ring settings, you’ll find the perfect style for every woman, every lifestyle, and every love story.

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