‘Tis the Season To Shine

Author: Hal Rubenstein, Global Style Director

For all the press and posts and chatter about the omnipresent casual mood that has taken over the conversation when it comes defining current style – “T-shirts and sneakers go everywhere!” – there is one time of year when as relaxed as that edict sounds, it’s also pretty boring. Come on. It’s the holidays. People are stringing yards of twinkling lights, hanging bagsfull of glistening ornaments, crafting over-sized bows on bright, shiny packages, gushing over extravagant store window display. Glitter is inexplicably showing up everywhere. So, amidst all this sparkle and eagerness to dazzle, are you really going to show up at a holiday party in a fleece hoodie, leggings and running shoes?   

The reason why we chose Dennis Basso as our Designer Spotlight this December is because Basso doesn’t care about bending to slouching trends.  He still believes in dressing to make an entrance, that turning heads in your direction is too much of a rush to ever be considered old-fashioned, while insisting that the seductive and uplifting resonance of glamour is as powerful today as ever.  Basso claims in his unmistakably gravelly, sonorously bass voice “After thirty-five years in this business, I can say with no apology, that every woman I’ve ever met wants to look pretty. What’s wrong with that, especially since every woman can achieve it, because as the great Vogue editor Diana Vreeland once said, you don’t have to be beautiful to be ravishing.”

Gabriel_DennisBasso_2019_LOOK05_1703 copy

And there is no better time of year to test this indelible theory than right now.

Get rid of that section of your closet where you save clothes for special occasions, simply because you can make an occasion special by your presence. Traffic may be terrible, your to do list may seem endless, and the invites are starting to overlap, but stop, take a breath, and take the time to give in to the season. Spend a little extra time in front of the mirror. Go get that wildly weird manicurist whose work you keep staring at on others in the salon, put out your hand and then tell her to go to town.

Gabriel_DennisBasso_2019_LOOK01_0154 copy

And when those soon to be amazing nails are done, get them to open the drawer, take out your jewelry box and spill out every piece of jewelry you own, take inventory, and make it your business to wear every wondrous hunk of sparkle you have sorely overlooked in your haste to get things done. Slide ‘em on and see how many bangles you can get on one arm. Screw in those big Gabriel hoops you wanted so badly then got a bit nervous and thought maybe they were too much.  No, they’re not! Listen to Basso and put them on. Now, don’t forget to toss your head at least once a minute to show them off. And if there is a necklace you adore, but it catches on your favorite Christmas sweater than switch to a silk blouse.

Don’t forget to let someone “catch you” playing with our Stackable Ring system. The combinations are endless.  And since you’re already in front of a screen, remember that there is no gift more lasting, no present more likely to delight, and no offering as ripe for becoming part of a story than fine jewelry. A piece of Gabriel jewelry may gleam the moment you open the box. But it’s when someone puts it on that the piece, and the wearer, really begin to shine and feel ravishing. Diana Vreeland and Dennis Basso were right after all. Happy holidays from all of us at Gabriel & Co.