Today’s Talismans: Gold Necklaces With Meaning


We all have our favorite meaningful jewels to which we relate—whether they be sentimental, spiritual or symbolic. Some of us wear them out of superstition, others out of faith and others to bring luck and love into our lives or other aspects we think we are missing.

Especially now, at a time of crises and change, when we are unsure and insecure, it makes sense that the jewelry we will buy will be talisman jewelry that speaks to hope, protection, guidance, strength and courage. Gabriel & Co. has a range of symbolic jewels in all materials and categories. For the purposes of this blog we will focus on meaningful pendants, which we can wear close to our hearts (although many of the same motifs appear throughout the collection in earrings, bracelets and rings).

Here are some of pendants that are steeped in significance for today and for the future.


Our 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Anchor Pendant Necklace is beautiful on it’s own but it’s meaning of hope couldn’t be more significant today.


Stylish and symbolic our 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Pave Horn Pendant Necklace reflects a motif that has been important through history—from the horn of plenty for abundance to horns that act as protection and ward off evil.

Evil Eye

There’s is no other talisman that has crosses cultures throughout history like the evil eye. Our 14K Yellow Gold Round Sapphire and Diamond Evil Eye Pendant Necklace protects us and wards off bad luck.

Angel Wings

Our 14K Yellow Gold Wing Pendant Necklace transcends religions to watch over us and guide us.

Wishing Star

Whether you are wishing upon a star or allow the stars to guide you, our 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Star Pendant Necklace is a beautiful symbol that will represent your beliefs in style.

Hamsa Hand

Like the evil eye, the Hamsa hand has become a universal symbol and is one that is part of many different cultures and religions—in all it is a protective symbol. Our 14K Yellow Gold Pave Diamond Hamsa Pendant Necklace signifies, warding off evil and bringing goodness, abundance, fertility, luck, and good health.


Our 14K Yellow Gold Sideways Curved Diamond Cross Necklace offers a fashionable way to show your faith.

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