Topaz: Gem of Comfort


Fiery Orange. Honey Yellow. Champagne Orange. Smokey Brown. These are just some of the common warm hues that people associate with topaz. However, the most popular to date and well known is the yellow topaz gem. Throughout most of history, all yellow gems were thought to be topaz, and all topaz were yellowish. 

This lustrous stone has an exceptionally wide color range, far beyond yellow. Believe or not, pure topaz is completely colorless, abundant and affordably priced even at large sizes. To take on various tones and saturations of any color in the rainbow, it is often treated or tinted by impurities.

November Birthstone

During the Fall chill, a warm yellow topaz is a perfect birthstone for November babies. Scholars have traced the origin of the word back to Sanskirt and the word topas or tapaz which means “fire.” Fire itself is quite symbolic as its signifies energy, warmth, and illumination which is synonymous with topaz’s color. 

This lustrous gem is a calming stone that balances emotions, releases tension, and can bring a warming joy into your life. Known for their calming energies, bringing warmth and fortune to those who wear them, yellow topaz is a soothing stone that has been said to calm tempers, cure madness and eliminate nightmares.

Overtime, this gemstone has held many meanings for many different cultures. People in India centuries ago believed that wearing a yellow topaz above the heart promised long life, beauty, and intelligence. During the Renaissance in Europe, people believed that yellow topaz could break spells and quell anger. Hindus deemed yellow topaz sacred, believing that a pendant could bring wisdom and longevity to one’s life. African shamans also treated the stone as sacred, using it in their healing rituals.

Though yellow topaz may be a stone of many meanings, the comforting warmth and coolness of topaz’s hues will forever remain the same. This lovely stone is perfect for November-born babies, 23rd anniversaries and push gifts for the new mom to relieve any newfound anxiety. 


• In the 19th century, Russia’s Ural Mountains became a leading source of topaz. The prized pinkish orange gemstone mined there was named Imperial topaz to honor the Russian czar, and only royals were allowed to own it.

• The name topaz derives from Topazios, the ancient Greek name for St. John’s Island in the Red Sea. Although the yellow stones famously mined there probably were not topaz, it soon became the name for most yellowish stones.

• The largest producer of quality topaz is Brazil. Other sources include Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, Australia, Nigeria, Germany, Mexico and the U.S., mainly California, Utah and New Hampshire.

• Measuring 8 on the Mohs scale, topaz is a rather hard and durable gem that makes very wearable jewelry.

• The ancient Egyptians believed that topazes harnessed the power of the sun god RA. As a result, it invited his blessings of protection and flavor. Thus, they used the stone to create amulets to wear to ensure security and protection.

• Ancient texts from the Greek scholar Pliny to the King James Bible referenced topaz, but because of this longstanding confusion, they likely referred to other yellow stones instead.

• November’s birthstone, the topaz, symbolizes love and affection. It is believed to give the wearer increased strength and intellect.

• In the Bible, topaz is been mentioned as one of the twelve gems in the breastplate of the of the high Priests. These stones are said to be sacred and associated with the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve angels who guard the way into paradise.

November-born Celebrities

Here are some of your favorite celebrities born in November: Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Nelly, David Foster, Jimmy Kimmel, Whoopi Goldberg, Brittany Murphy.