Twisted Engagement Rings


Style #: ER11766R3W83JJ

As their name implies, twisted engagement rings feature bands divided into two or more sections that cross or twist around one another to create an alluring design. The way the separate strands come together is not only beautiful, it also symbolizes the joining of two lives as one. Twisted engagement rings are a lovely balance of contemporary style with traditional meaning.


Style #: ER11644R6W83JJ

Our diverse selection of twisted styles can accommodate a range of center stones from round to princess to marquise cut. Some settings are crafted more simply from polished metal, while other are intricately adorned with accent stones. This type of band can also be combined with other popular features, such as a diamond halo or a pair of sparkling side stones.

Brides who choose twisted engagement rings are often romantic, loyal and committed. It’s no surprise that they are drawn to these fluidly feminine styles with deep significance. A twisted engagement ring from this extraordinary collection is a uniquely graceful choice that will stand out from the crowd.