Have a Heart by Beth Bernstein

Let’s face it, men are not on the same wave length when it comes to what women desire and appreciate in jewelry. They wait until the last minute for gift buying. And to top it off, they think flowers, a box of chocolates or an outing to a favorite restaurant are perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day—that is if they remember Valentine’s Day. It’s just not top-of-mind. But for many women, it’s a day to be filled with romantic gestures, passion and meaningful gifts (read: jewelry that bespeaks the sentiment of love). It’s not that women don’t find flowers and a lovely dinner charming and thoughtful. But jewelry that reminds us of a shared and special bond is so much more appealing.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, men showed their intent and made their emotions clear with gifts of precious metals and gemstones—jewelry that symbolized devotion, commitment and enduring love. We believe that Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to speak from the heart. And what better way to do that then to give a loved one heart motif pendants, bracelets or other feminine and meaningful pieces?


We suggest that you leave little hints for your significant other where they can be seen. Here are items from our website that are perfect to use as subtle suggestions. Leave them open on your phone, computer screen or print and tape them to your fridge.

Our 925 Silver Heart necklace combines two symbols—hearts and flowers. The overlapping hearts create a floral motif accent by diamonds. Mixed together, they not only create a timeless look, but the leaf-like pattern of hearts suggests love’s renewal.

Our 925 Silver Heart bangle is highlighted with pavé ruby hearts at each end. Rubies represent passion and the heart, love, so this bracelet is a Valentine’s Day dream come true.



If you prefer yellow gold, we have a couple of pieces that are perfect to receive for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion. Or purchase them for yourself—they’re really that lovely.

Our 14K yellow gold rope pattern open heart earrings surround center diamonds.. The rope pattern is continuous and symbolizes endless devotion while the diamonds mean enduring love. These are a winning combination in a pair of earrings that can be worn every day.

Our 14K white gold diamond entwined heart necklace is not only unique, it’s a treasure of maximum wearability. This design evokes continuity in a relationship—the open hearts suggest the ability to let love in and allow it to grow.


We have a number of other pieces that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. So don’t be shy: Leave clues, enlist friends to give tips to your beloved and hope that he has a heart big enough to understand your desire for a precious token of his affection.