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Wedding Bands

Marriages are made with memories, and it all starts with the beginning. An anniversary band shows her that no matter how much time passes, you always remember and honor your love for her. Whether you choose an elegant straight band or an intricately-designed band, the diamonds will remind you why you took this journey together.

  • 14k White Gold Channel Set Anniversary Band

    $ 3,500
  • 14k White Gold Diamond Anniversary Band

    $ 4,830
  • Vintage 14k White Gold Channel Prong Diamond Anniversary Band

    $ 3,785
  • Vintage 14k White Gold Micro Pavé Set Diamond Band

    $ 4,455
  • 14k White Gold Diamond Anniversary Band

    $ 1,860
  • 14k White Gold Diamond Anniversary Band

    $ 740
  • 14k White Gold Diamond Anniversary Band

    $ 1,045
  • 14k White Gold Diamond Anniversary Band

    $ 1,445
  • 14k White Gold 11 Stone French Pavé Set Diamond Band

    $ 4,370
  • 14k White Gold Round 9 Stone Diamond Anniversary Band

    $ 3,135
  • 14k White Gold Round 11 Stone Diamond Anniversary Band

    $ 3,005
  • 14k White Gold Baguette and Round 11 Stone Diamond Anniversary Band

    $ 2,675
  • 14k White Gold Diamond Anniversary Band

    $ 3,740
  • 14k White Gold Knife Edge Diamond Anniversary Band

    $ 815
  • 14k White Gold Diamond Anniversary Band

    $ 575
  • 14k White Gold Diamond Anniversary Band

    $ 1,025

Interesting to Know

Frequently Asked Questions
How much do you spend on wedding rings?
According to a 2019 survey, the average cost for women’s bands is $1,100, but there is no fixed price so there is no need to put yourself in debt. Depending on your metal preferences and budget, you can select between 14kt gold and the higher priced platinum as well as various or no design elements like full or half, with diamonds or with colored stones, single or multiple rows.
How much should a woman spend on a man's wedding band?
It is the 21st century. Most couples are buying the wedding bands together, not the woman purchasing for the man. Survey results estimate the average spend on the men’s wedding band to be half of the women’s band. Although it can vary depending on your individual budget and metal preferences.
Do you wear your engagement ring on your wedding day?
Yes, move your engagement ring to your right ring finger on the day of the wedding. After you exchange wedding bands with your fiancé during the wedding ceremony, move the engagement ring back to your left hand stacking it after the wedding band.
Where do you wear your wedding ring?
In the US on the ring finger next to the pinky of the left hand. Tradition dictates you wear it on the inside, closest to your heart, followed by your engagement ring on the outside.
Does the guy wear a ring when engaged?
There are no rules. The union of two people is a deeply personal experience and one can choose to wear it depending on what one believes in. Although traditionally men do not wear an engagement ring.

Finding the Unique Wedding Bands from Gabriel & Co.

With an attention to detail that will leave her speechless, a wedding band makes for the ideal way to reinvigorate the initial spark of your proposal - and the rest of your relationship itself. Whether you're planning to add a new ring to her finger or revisiting her engagement or wedding stones, there's no better way to accomplish this goal than a perfect band. Carefully crafted with the utmost attention to detail, each of Gabriel & Co.'s bridal set will blend seamlessly with her existing diamond stones - or add a new dimension to her style and wardrobe.

If we still have your attention, then don't waste any time when it comes to finding the right gift that will leave a lasting impression. You can find many jewelry stores that keep our rings in stock, and you can get started right away. We only work with businesses that provide outstanding service, so you can ask a team member for help if you have trouble picking out a present that will make your partner happy.

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