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How To Buy The Ring She’ll Love On A Budget You’ll Love

You did it. You’ve finally found that amazing person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Seems like the hard part is over, right?

You decided to ask her to marry you. You’re nervous but excited about what the future holds.

And then…you start thinking about the proposal: the time, the place, your speech, the ring! Ah yes the engagement ring. It needs to be dazzling, amazing, a piece of jewelry she will treasure for years to come, a ring she will be proud to show off to her family and friends….her dream ring.

At Gabriel, we don’t think the process of buying a ring should be so stressful. This event should be cause for celebration, not worry.


But what if the ring you imagine for her and the ring you can actually afford are quite different? How much should you spend on a ring that she’ll adore without putting yourself in major debt?

At Gabriel, we don’t think the process of buying a ring should be so stressful. This event should be cause for celebration, not worry. That’s why we are sharing some strategies for buying an engagement ring (how much to spend, how to buy, and where to buy) so you can make the right choice for you and your future fiancé.


How Much to Spend On an Engagement Ring

The first question that comes to mind is “how much should I spend?”. The old school of rules dictated that at least three months of a man’s salary should be spent on the ring, if not more. But with the average American being $38,000 in personal debt (excluding home mortgages), conventional rules must go out the window. With the seemingly daily increases in costs of living all across the country, the one size fits all budget formula simply no longer works. Your relationship is unique, and so your budget should also be unique to your situation.

The average cost of an engagement ring in 2018 was somewhere around $7,000, and it should also be mentioned that the average cost of a wedding these days is about $45,000. When deciding on a ring budget you are comfortable with, it is not enough to only consider this particular expense, you must also consider other expenses and how elaborate you predict them to be: the proposal, the wedding, the honeymoon, as well as a possible future home purchase. The best way to start of a marriage is definitely not in debt.

Thankfully, at Gabriel, there are many options available to allow you to stay within your budget.


Choosing The Center Stone

Now that you’ve decided on a budget, the next consideration is the center stone, who most would agree is the main attraction of the ring. It is of utmost importance to thoroughly research the 4 Cs (carat, cut, color, and clarity) of gemstones before even looking at rings. Learning about the 4 C’s will increase the value of your purchase as it relates to your budget, since the overall quality of the stone will greatly determine your total budget for the ring. We are affiliated with many jewelers across the United States who will work with you to not only explain, but help you choose a center stone that gets you the most for your money. Once you select your center stone it is time to choose the mounting, which is where we come in.


Choosing The Mounting

Once you have narrowed down your center stone, decrease this amount from your overall ring budget. This figure is your target budget for the next and final step in building your perfect ring. The mounting or the setting is essentially everything that holds the center stone in place including the head, the gallery and the shank. Gabriel prides itself on having a vast selection of mountings to choose from in a wide variety of styles. Whether you prefer a solitaire, a halo, a double halo, a vintage look or something more modern, we are sure to have it. Our 14K gold mountings start at just $500 and our platinum settings begin at $1,050. Our website is user friendly and allows you to filter by price point, by center stone shape, by metal and by style. Choosing a mounting has never been easier than with Gabriel’s Free Preview program detailed below.


Where to Buy

Who has the time to visit 5 jewelry stores in a day and spend hours driving across town in search of the perfect engagement ring?

Shopping with us has never been easier. Check out our free in-store preview program where you can browse online, select a ring, and fill out your contact information. A representative will contact you to schedule an appointment, based on your availability, at the closest Gabriel & Co. location where you can see your ring(s) in person. You might love it, or you might want something different. The best part is it’s free, with no cost or commitment needed from you. We offer these programs for you because we believe people should be able to celebrate their love with a beautiful ring regardless of their budget.

We firmly believe that such a monumental purchase should be made in a brick and mortar store. When you purchase high ticket items in store, you have the peace of mind of dealing with a professional who will equip you with useful information and help you make the most educated choice. We have pride and confidence in all of our Gabriel affiliated retailers to provide you with answers to all of your important questions. We believe you should see exactly what you will be getting and be confident in your choice. Our store locator allows you to choose a location closest to you so you can complete this important milestone alongside a knowledgeable professional. Our ultimate goal is to have you leave the store with the secure knowledge that you made the smartest choice and are getting the most for your hard earned money.


Rest at Ease

It can be overwhelming, but we want the ring you choose to symbolize your love and devotion to her. A common fear is the ring you choose for her will not be what she imagined. We want the process of shopping for an engagement ring to be a pleasant one, which is why we have aShop with Confidence program. This program allows you to return any registered ring within one year of purchasing it. In the rare chance the ring doesn’t entirely suit her, you can always exchange it for one that does.

And even if she loves the ring, but it gets damaged somehow (life happens), our warranty programs cover your ring for any manufacturing defects or normal wear and tear so her ring always looks the way it did when you first heard her magical “yes!”.


Additional Support

Our highly experienced customer service team is standing by to help you, via email at, by phone (212) 519-1400 or via online chat. We are confident that our extensive selection, coupled with our strong support team, will allow this to be a seamless experience.

If you have any questions or just don’t know where to start, contact us to learn more about how we can help you choose the perfect ring, within your budget, so you can celebrate your love together.

Now that you know how easy and affordable it is to find her ring at Gabriel & Co., check out our collection by clicking here.

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