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Engagement Rings

The engagement ring has long been established as a profound symbol of the beginning of the couple's life journey side by side. Our engagement ring settings are among the finest in the world. We select only the highest-quality diamonds, and each ring is designed with superior taste, style, and craftsmanship. Your relationship is unique. Your ring should be, too.

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    • Hart - 14K White Gold Hidden Halo Oval Diamond

      Hart - 14K White Gold Hidden Halo Oval Diamond

      $ 1,525
    • Eliza - Vintage Inspired 14K White Gold Split Shank Round Diamond

      Eliza - Vintage Inspired 14K White Gold Split Shank Round Diamond

      $ 815
    • Idina - 14K White Gold Oval Halo Diamond

      Idina - 14K White Gold Oval Halo Diamond

      $ 1,950
    • Brosnan - 14K White Gold Round Diamond

      Brosnan - 14K White Gold Round Diamond

      $ 3,915
    • Brexley - 14K White Gold Oval Diamond

      Brexley - 14K White Gold Oval Diamond

      $ 2,315
    • Amata - 14K White Gold Round Diamond

      Amata - 14K White Gold Round Diamond

      $ 1,125
    • Amaya - 14K White Gold Cushion Halo Round Diamond

      Amaya - 14K White Gold Cushion Halo Round Diamond

      $ 2,000
    • Royalty - 14K White Gold Round V Shape Diamond

      Royalty - 14K White Gold Round V Shape Diamond

      $ 2,325
    • Gretel - Unique 14K White Gold Vintage Inspired Halo Diamond

      Gretel - Unique 14K White Gold Vintage Inspired Halo Diamond

      $ 1,750
    • Oriana - Vintage Inspired 14K White Gold Round Curved Diamond

      Oriana - Vintage Inspired 14K White Gold Round Curved Diamond

      $ 1,640
    • Giselle - 14K White Gold Free Form Pear Shape Diamond

      Giselle - 14K White Gold Free Form Pear Shape Diamond

      $ 1,675
    • Artesia - 14K White Gold Round Diamond

      Artesia - 14K White Gold Round Diamond

      $ 5,200
    Frequently Asked Questions
    How much to spend on an engagement ring
    The budget you decide on for an engagement is a personal decision. There are many schools of thought on this: for example, some say you should spend around two months worth of your salary. But truthfully when buying an engagement ring, there is no one-size-fits-all budget. Instead, find a style and price that you both love and feel comfortable with, and the decision on how much to spend on a wedding ring will come easily.
    What hand and finger does engagement ring go on
    In most cultures, the engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger of your left hand. People used to believe that a vein from this finger ran directly to the heart, making this finger an ideal symbol for love and marriage. However, you can wear your wedding ring on any finger that has meaning.
    Is it better to buy engagement rings online?
    It’s a bit risky to buy an engagement ring online, which is why we don’t recommend it. Instead, we suggest discovering your preferences by browsing online and then visiting an authorized reseller to view your ring in store before making a purchase. An engagement ring is a big investment, and we always recommend taking the time and effort to do extensive research before making a final decision.
    How many carats should an engagement ring be?
    The number of carats in your engagement ring will depend on the style and budget you’ve set aside to purchase the ring. Carats are not the only element that should be taken into consideration – you’ll also want to consider metals, setting and band style.
    Should we buy an engagement ring together?
    Traditionally, one partner (typically the groom-to-be) will plan the proposal and engagement ring as a surprise. However, an engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase that should be made carefully and thoughtfully. Many couples choose to go through the process together to make sure the ring is perfect, in terms of both style and budget. If the groom-to-be wants a stress-free surprise proposal, our Shop Confidently Program® offers to exchange a registered engagement ring within one year of purchase for another of equal or higher value.
    Does an engagement ring have to be a diamond?
    While engagement rings have traditionally included a diamond center stone, the perfect ring is a matter of personal preference. There are stunning options and gemstones available to fit every style and taste.

    Find the perfect diamond engagement and wedding ring from Gabriel & Co.

    When shopping for an engagement ring, there are many options to consider. Fortunately, we’ve made finding the right engagement ring for your future fiancé easier than ever.

    It starts with our vast collection of engagement rings for every woman and every style. Start from choosing between nine different styles/settings of rings (Halo, Double Halo, Three Stone, Straight, Solitaire, Three Stone Halo, Free Form, Wide band and Split Shank) that serve as the foundation of every engagement ring.

    We know the importance of creating jewelry to highlight and compliment a woman’s personality, and a ring’s metal can make it stand out with style. A Yellow Gold finish calls back to a vintage look that is as captivating now as it was hundreds of years ago. Rings with a Platinum or White Gold finish are sleek and sexy – an elegant bridge from the classic to the modern. A Rose Gold finish gives the engagement ring a vintage, romantic feel with an update to the traditional design. Finally, mix and match metals to create a unique look that will create conversation. Use our Store Locator to find an authorized retailer near you to see a free preview of what your ring will look like before making a commitment.

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    Steps of buying an engagement ring

    The last step is deciding which ring you want for your special someone. Set a realistic budget and take into account other costly expenses such as the wedding, the honeymoon etc. Decide which metal and setting (how the stones sit on the ring) you prefer.

    Choose the shape of the center stone, like the pristine princess-cut or the exquisite and enchanting pear-cut. A round cut symbolizes a more traditional ring shape, and a marquise cut resembles an eye – the window to the soul. At Gabriel & Co., there’s a shape for every style.

    While we do not sell any diamonds online, we offer our hassle-free View-In-Store program so you can see your ring in-person before committing to a purchase. At Gabriel & Co., we’ve taken the stress out of searching for the right engagement ring. We’ll help you find the ring that honors and matches the love you share with your future partner.

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    Things to think about before you buy

    Gabriel & Co. promises to deliver an easy and one-of-a-kind experience. Inspired by art and culture from around the world, each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with the highest care and examined by expert gemologists to create something you will treasure for generations to come.

    Each piece has a unique identification number to track how it was made and who purchased it. Under our warranty, we can verify your ownership so, in any unfortunate accidents or losses, you will always have your precious jewelry. Our large and trusted network of independent jewelers have been vetted and verified to meet our rigorous standards of quality. Our retailers offer the finest customer service and care because that’s what you and your jewelry deserve.

    Shop Confidently: a Gabriel Exclusive® is our exchange program where, once registered, you can exchange any ring for an equal or higher value at no additional cost within one year of purchase. Register your ring within 30 days of purchase to enroll in all three warranties.

    FREE lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.

    We take such pride in the quality and precision of our jewelry that we will make any necessary repair, or replacements to correct manufacturing defects at no additional costs, for the lifetime of the jewelry.

    One Year Warranty for Normal Wear & Tear. Our first-year warranty protection covers damages and jewelry repairs resulting from normal wear and tear. This is valid for one year from the original purchase date.

    One Year Warranty for Accidental Damages. We get it . . . life happens. So, go ahead and make this treasure part of your lifestyle. If by chance you damage or destroy this ring within the first year, Gabriel & Co. will repair or replace it at no charge. Finally, we offer a free View-In-Store Preview Program for all of our rings. Look, touch, and try on the ring before you buy so you feel confident in buying the ring you want.

    Click here to learn more about why the Gabriel Experience is right for you.

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