Curved Wedding Bands

The perfect marriage of form and function. These curved wedding bands are flawlessly contoured to accommodate your engagement ring’s center stone. Each one is embellished with sparkling diamond accents to symbolize your undying love. Surprise her with a gift so thoughtful and romantic, it will bring her joy to wear each day. Gabriel & Co offers contoured wedding bands that feature numerous types of gold, stylish engravings, multiple diamonds, and stunning borders.

  • TDW - 0.44ct
    $ 1,495
  • TDW - 0.51ct
    $ 1,640
  • TDW - 0.24ct
    $ 830
  • TDW - 0.27ct
    $ 990
  • TDW - 0.25ct
    $ 1,035
  • TDW - 0.49ct
    $ 1,355
  • TDW - 0.50ct
    $ 1,355
  • TDW - 0.50ct
    $ 1,355
  • TDW - 0.50ct
    $ 1,430
  • TDW - 0.41ct
    $ 1,530

Explore Our Curved Diamond Anniversary Bands Collection

When searching for an wedding ring, you can choose to only view listings for rings that have certain sizes, specific types of curves and particular metals. You may also evaluate a description that indicates each wedding band's dimensions. Most of this category's rings feature more than eight small diamonds, and the sparkling stones typically encompass at least 50 percent of each curved ring's surface. You can select products with diamonds that have unique cuts or round shapes. Furthermore, each ring's curves are able to slightly elevate the main stone. Moreover, we provide curved wedding bands with round diamonds and durable prongs that will protect the precious stones.

Shopping at Gabriel & Co and Finding Her The Most Striking Curved Wedding Bands

Typically, the curved diamond wedding rings have a price of $815 to $1,605, and the price depends on the weight of each stunning diamond, the stylish borders, and the custom shapes of the stones. Each ring also comes with a warranty that will be valid if the guarantee is activated within 30 days of the purchase. If you have any questions about our products, you may view descriptions of our policies, evaluate reviews of the company, and analyze news that may be related to our business. You can request our newsletters, which will offer information that is associated with new engagement rings, stunning bracelets, pendants, and necklaces. Additionally, you may call 212-519-1400.
Once you've selected a particular ring, our website's tools will help you to find nearby stores that have the anniversary band. Subsequently, you can request an appointment at the location.