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Wedding & Anniversary Rings

Wedding bands with a straight silhouette are simply classic. These refined rings will never go out of style. Glittering diamonds in a variety of shapes and sizes provide sophisticated sparkle. As your love grows stronger, present her with a breathtaking anniversary ring that reflects your abiding commitment. When it comes to anniversary rings, we believe that quality, beauty and elegance are factors that you must never overlook, and we only produce rings that meet our strict standards.

  • TDW - 2.37ct
    $ 10,040
  • TDW - 2.34ct
    $ 11,940
  • TDW - 2.25ct
    $ 11,390
  • TDW - 1.47ct
    $ 6,140
  • TDW - 0.93ct
    $ 3,690
  • TDW - 1.5ct
    $ 5,670
  • TDW - 0.25ct
    $ 850
  • TDW - 1.06ct
    $ 2,440
  • TDW - 1.16ct
    $ 3,250
    • 14k White-Gold
    TDW - 0.44ct
    $ 1,290
    • 14k White-Gold
  • TDW - 1.07ct
    $ 2,370
  • TDW - 0.51ct
    $ 1,630

Finding the Unique Wedding Rings from Gabriel & Co.

Your partner is a special person in your life who has promised to stand by your side for a lifetime, and you might be wondering how to show your appreciation in a way that won't soon be forgotten. Although straight style Wedding Rings are an excellent way to highlight your love and gratitude, finding the right ring is not always an easy task. Luckily, you can turn to the Gabriel & Co collection when you only accept the best, and you are sure to find something that stands out no matter your style. Each ring in our collection was crafted to perfection, and you will know that you are in the right place when you walk through the door.

If we still have your attention, then don't waste any time when it comes to finding the right gift that will leave a lasting impression. You can find many jewelry stores that keep our rings in stock, and you can get started right away. We only work with businesses that provide outstanding service, so you can ask a team member for help if you have trouble picking out a present that will make your partner happy.

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