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Engagement Rings

Gabriel & Co. engagement rings are meticulously designed to capture the magic and beauty of your singular love story. Our designs are so much more than metal and stone. They are abiding symbols of a shared commitment that deserves to be celebrated every day. Ranging from vintage to modern, classic to free form, and solitaire to double halo, our extensive collections contain the perfect and beautiful engagement ring for every woman, every lifestyle, and every love story.

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  • Holds - 1ct Center Stone
    $ 4,350
  • Peregrine
    Holds - 1.00ct Center Stone
    $ 1,680
  • Evolve
    Holds - 1.00ct Center Stone
    $ 1,930
  • Holds - 1.00ct Center Stone
    $ 4,150
  • Billie
    • 14k White-Gold
    • 14k Yellow-White-Gold
    Holds - 1.00ct Center Stone
    $ 1,650
    • 14k White-Gold
    • 14k Yellow-White-Gold
  • Greta
    Holds - 1.00ct Center Stone
    $ 2,500
  • Lucy
    Holds - 1.00ct Center Stone
    $ 3,670
  • Holds - 0.85ct Center Stone
    $ 2,370
  • Holds - 1.5ct Center Stone
    $ 4,655
  • Millie
    • 14k White-Gold
    • 18k White-Gold
    Holds - 1.00ct Center Stone
    $ 1,815
    • 14k White-Gold
    • 18k White-Gold
  • Cerulean
    Holds - 0.75ct Center Stone
    $ 1,790
  • Oslo
    Holds - 0.40ct Center Stone
    $ 3,400

When you're looking in the right jewelry stores, searching for exquisite engagement rings is one of life's great pleasures. Gabriel has become well-known for crafting some of the most extraordinary pieces out there, combining excellent workmanship with innovative design sense. Whether you're looking for solitaire engagement rings or 3 stone engagement rings, you'll want to take a close look at Gabriel's unique selection.

From more traditional engagement rings to jewelry that exudes a modern feel, Gabriel offers an assortment that varies widely, yet possesses an incredible allure that is all its own. Indeed, an engagement ring speaks to the eternal nature of love, and it must represent your union with the distinction that it deserves. A Gabriel halo engagement ring is perfect for couples who want to express the exuberance of their love. Boasting a stunning sparkle and instant charm, these rings capture the sensational style that an elegant engagement ring should possess.

Gabriel produces a timeless, classic jewelry line that sets itself apart from ordinary looks. These rings are crafted for couples who appreciate the joy that fine jewelry can bring, lending a glimmer of hope to anyone who happens to catch a glimpse of them. Gabriel rings are made for those who are serious about finding a piece that will elicit compliments and also stand the test of time.

Our designers realize that it's not just an engagement ring; it's a symbol of your love. This is why Gabriel even offers couples the ability to build an engagement ring according to their exact specifications. In a world that so often demands compromise, Gabriel wants to provide customers with the opportunity to create or purchase a ring that is uniquely radiant and beautiful, allowing you to express your joy to the world.