Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphires represent wisdom, virtue, and good fortune. When used in engagement rings, the gem represents faithfulness and sincerity. With their dazzling, deep blue and impressive durability, sapphire accents provide an unconventional yet timeless touch. When it comes to choosing the perfect blue sapphire engagement ring, you want to make sure you choose a setting wisely. Our band and setting designs range from ostentatious to subtle, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect look to capture within your ring the love that captured your heart.

  • ER914401O4W44SA.CSSA
  • ER914475O4W44JJ.CSSA
  • ER914478O6W44SA.CSSA
  • Gabriel & Co
  • ER914577O4W44JJ.CSSA
  • ER914472O3W44JJ.CSSA
  • ER914472O4W44JJ.CSSA
  • ER914582O3W44JJ.CSSA
    • 14k White-Gold
    • 14k Rose-Gold
    • 14k Yellow-Gold