Antique Engagement Rings

Influenced by the character of a bygone era, our vintage style engagement rings are emblems of timeless sophistication. These antique-inspired designs are full of subtle surprises like delicate engraving, milgrain borders and other handcrafted details that capture the finest qualities of true antique pieces. The craftsmanship of an authentic antique engagement ring should mimic the overall style and popular detailing of a particular historical era. Each era has its own brilliant architecture and emblematic techniques by which the engagement ring was made. Explore our collection of antique engagement rings to start a new tradition your family can cherish for generations to come.

  • Tallulah
    Holds - 0.75ct Center Stone
    $ 2,035
  • Cruz
    Holds - 1.00ct Center Stone
    $ 2,110
  • Lunaria
    Holds - 1.00ct Center Stone
    $ 1,840
  • Gabriel & Co
  • Malva
    Holds - 1.50ct Center Stone
    $ 4,510
  • Holds - 0.85ct Center Stone
    $ 2,320
  • Holds - 1.00ct Center Stone
    $ 5,690

Learn More About Antique Engagement Rings From Gabriel & Co.

Romantic eras of the past provide a foundation of inspiration for antique style engagement rings. The Gabriel & Co. Antique Engagement Ring collection features a wide range of unique, vintage pieces with paramount artistry and craftsmanship. With the help of modern technology, our heirloom-quality pieces include heavily-influenced characteristics from a specific period such as milgrain edges, filigree work, scrollwork and engraving designed to celebrate romanticism. Visit an authorized Gabriel & Co. jeweler near you to choose from a span of antique settings, gemstones and diamond cuts in order to find an engagement ring that will be treasured for generations to come.

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