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Split Shank Engagement Rings

Our most striking and dramatic designs can be found in our split shank collection. A slight split in the band creates illusions from either spectrum of subtle and classic to large and illustrious. An ideal piece for engagements or commitment renewals to signify your enduring love at any stage.

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  • Alexandra

    18K White Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

    $ 1,970
  • 14K White-Rose Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

    $ 4,740
  • Donna

    Art Deco 14K White Gold Octagonal Halo Round Diamond Engagement Ring

    $ 2,340
  • Mathilde

    18K White Gold Twisted Round Diamond Engagement Ring

    $ 3,290
  • Yael

    18K White Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

    $ 2,970
  • Vienna

    14K White Gold Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

    $ 4,615
  • 14K White Gold Round Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring

    $ 1,915
  • Sawyer

    14K White Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

    $ 1,590
  • Marigold

    14K White Gold Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

    $ 3,290
  • Zahara

    18K White Gold Bypass Round Diamond Engagement Ring

    $ 3,320
  • 14K White Gold Round Wide Band Diamond Engagement Ring

    $ 3,290
  • Romance

    18K White-Rose Gold Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

    $ 3,650

Interesting to Know

Our striking collection of Split Shank Engagement Rings with dramatic designs

Split shank engagement rings embody some of the most impressive and dramatic designs. The band is slightly split to create new shapes that range from classic to bold. No matter how big you choose to go, any option in the split shank category is sure to wow the wearer. From weddings to anniversaries, this customizable ring style is perfect for any occasion. Because marriage is one of the most significant milestones in life, the ring you choose to commemorate the occasion must reflect the beauty of the moment. Gabriel & Co is committed to helping you find the perfect ring from our engagement collection.

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