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3 Stone Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Combined with the eye-catching sharp princess cut center stone, a 3 stone princess cut engagement ring includes a stone adorned with clusters of pave diamonds on either side for extra flair and distinction.

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Interesting to Know

Frequently Asked Questions
How much to spend on an engagement ring
The budget you decide on for an engagement is a personal decision. There are many schools of thought on this: for example, some say you should spend around two months worth of your salary. But truthfully when buying an engagement ring, there is no one-size-fits-all budget. Instead, find a style and price that you both love and feel comfortable with, and the decision on how much to spend on a wedding ring will come easily.
What hand and finger does engagement ring go on
In most cultures, the engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger of your left hand. People used to believe that a vein from this finger ran directly to the heart, making this finger an ideal symbol for love and marriage. However, you can wear your wedding ring on any finger that has meaning.
Is it better to buy engagement rings online?
It’s a bit risky to buy an engagement ring online, which is why we don’t recommend it. Instead, we suggest discovering your preferences by browsing online and then visiting an authorized reseller to view your ring in store before making a purchase. An engagement ring is a big investment, and we always recommend taking the time and effort to do extensive research before making a final decision.
How many carats should an engagement ring be?
The number of carats in your engagement ring will depend on the style and budget you’ve set aside to purchase the ring. Carats are not the only element that should be taken into consideration – you’ll also want to consider metals, setting and band style.
Should we buy an engagement ring together?
Traditionally, one partner (typically the groom-to-be) will plan the proposal and engagement ring as a surprise. However, an engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase that should be made carefully and thoughtfully. Many couples choose to go through the process together to make sure the ring is perfect, in terms of both style and budget. If the groom-to-be wants a stress-free surprise proposal, our Shop Confidently Program® offers to exchange a registered engagement ring within one year of purchase for another of equal or higher value.
Does an engagement ring have to be a diamond?
While engagement rings have traditionally included a diamond center stone, the perfect ring is a matter of personal preference. There are stunning options and gemstones available to fit every style and taste.

Modern Romance: Three Stone Princess Cut Engagement Rings

A dazzling princess cut stone surrounded by clusters of pave diamonds on either side comprises the unique 3 stone princess cut engagement ring. These rings have extra detail and flair, perfect for any wearer who desires an eye-catching style and design unique to them. Because marriage is one of the most significant milestones in life, the ring you choose to commemorate the occasion must reflect the beauty of the moment. Gabriel & Co is committed to helping you find the perfect ring from our engagement collection.

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