Lift any look with the beauty and positivity of a hamsa necklace. Known by the Arabic word meaning "five," the ancient hamsa symbol is believed to bring its wearer protection, happiness and good fortune. Crafted using only the finest materials, our 14k white and yellow gold hamsa necklaces showcase eye-catching diamond detailing. A Gabriel & Co. hamsa hand necklace is the perfect outfit-enhancing finishing touch.

  • NK2771Y45JJ
    TDW - 0.02ct
    $ 570
  • NK3335W45JJ
    TDW - 0.1ct
    $ 565
  • NK5180Y45JJ
    TDW - 0.04ct
    $ 430
  • NK3334W45JJ
    TDW - 0.12ct
    $ 540
  • NK3151W45JJ
    TDW - 0.2ct
    $ 650
  • NK4531Y45JJ
    TDW - 0.13ct
    $ 640

Everyday Style - Hamsa Necklaces

What is "hamsa"? This hand shaped talisman is believed by Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions to ward off the evil eye and bestow blessings to the wearer. Our hamsa necklaces are beautiful good luck charms you'll want to wear every single day.

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