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Scalloped Collection Earrings

Scalloped collection earrings get their unique name from the way they are formed. Each edge of these earrings is crafted to give them a textured look and feel. This scalloped look gives each set a light and playful style. Larger hoop designs will get noticed immediately, and the small hoops look understated and more in line with a vintage style.

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    Scalloped Collection Earrings at Gabriel & Co.

    Scalloped Collection Earrings come in silver, yellow gold, white gold, or mixed. Their style makes them feel like a treasured heirloom that you and your family can enjoy for generations to come. The 14K White Gold Fashion Earrings are the most eye-catching of the collection, with 2 interacting diamond-covered squares that will cause anyone who sees them to stop and gaze at their stunning style. The 925 Sterling Silver Diamond Station 20mm Huggie Earrings feature exceptional scrollwork and carvings on the hoops. Gabriel & Co.'s Scalloped Collection Earrings will turn everyone's head with their textured designs, timeless style, and sparkling gemstones.

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