Free Form Earrings

Freeform Earrings are the earrings for the woman who wants to show off her individual style. From a shape resembling a harp, to a shape of diamond that's evolved into something new, these earrings grab attention and start conversation. Freeform Earrings can show a vintage or contemporary style, so they'll look good no matter what.

    • 14K Yellow-White Gold 25MM Fashion Earrings

      $ 2,310
    • 14K Yellow-White Gold 35MM Fashion Earrings

      $ 2,365
    • Silver 30MM Fashion Earrings

      $ 365
    • Silver 25MM Fashion Earrings

      $ 250
    • Silver 20MM Fashion Earrings

      $ 250
    • Silver 25MM Fashion Earrings

      $ 340

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    Free Form Style Earrings at Gabriel & Co.

    A pair of earrings can set an outfit apart by either bringing attention to them or subtly complimenting the person's style. Freeform Earrings are a dazzling and distinctive way to display a look of atypical fashion. They don't look like normal earrings, so they will immediately cause people to take notice. These earrings are engineered to feel light but have the power to get and keep people's attention. The Silver 25MM Fashion Earrings come to a sharp point for a sharp style, while the 14k Yellow/White Gold Intricate Scrollwork Diamond Hoop Earrings look like they were designed for the highest royalty.

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