Oval Earrings

The shape of an oval is distinctive and organic. Ovals can represent rebirth or the idea of starting something new. With a pail of oval shape earrings, you will feel like a new woman. You can pick a design where the shape is all you need or one where the oval encompasses detailed carvings.

    • 14K White Gold French Pave 55mm Oval Inside Out Diamond Hoop Earrings

      $ 2,970
    • 14K White Gold Channel Set 30mm Oval Classic Diamond Hoop Earrings

      $ 1,445
    • 14K White Gold Tiger Claw Set 20mm Oval Classic Diamond Hoop Earrings

      $ 835
    • Vintage 14k White Gold Intricate Hoop Earrings

      $ 1,630
    • 14K White-Pink Gold 25MM Fashion Earrings

      $ 1,805
    • 14K White Gold 35MM Fashion Earrings

      $ 2,080
    • 14K White-Pink Gold 25MM Fashion Earrings

      $ 1,650

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    Oval Earrings at Gabriel & Co.

    The real appeal of Gabriel & Co.'s collection of oval shape earrings is its diversity. While they all come in a white gold finish, that's where the similarities stop. The 14K white gold french pave 55mm sval inside out diamond hoop earrings look simple from a distance, but the outside of the hoop is covered in glistening 1.37 carat pave diamonds. The 14K white-pink gold 25mm fashion earrings have a white gold band surrounding a delicate and detailed design. The 14K white gold channel set 30mm oval classic diamond hoop earrings combine an oval, channel-set diamonds, and a classic design for a dazzling display. Large or small, design or diamonds, our Oval Shape Earrings create a sense of substance to your jewelry collection.

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