Sapphire Rings

Discover the finest selection of stunning and vibrant sapphire rings from deep blue to dazzling yellow. Choose from an array of styles ranging from bold to elegant, from modern to vintage style. Channel your inner royal with sapphire rings from Gabriel & Co. that stand out in a crowd and transcend passing trends.

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Learn More About The Birthstone of September - Sapphire Rings

The brilliant blue sapphire is a vibrant and captivating stone that makes for a meaningful gift. Representing truth, wisdom, and loyalty, the sapphire was once worn by priests and kings as a way to ward off evil and bad intentions.

Every Gabriel & Co. sapphire ring is individually handcrafted by our artisan jewelry design team who collectively boast over 150 years of experience. To experience their unparalleled quality in person, use our website store locator to find your nearest Gabriel & Co. authorized retail partner.

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