A fashion-forward Gabriel & Co. lariat necklace belongs in every woman's jewelry box. Also known as Y knot necklaces, these sleek styles feature an elongated drop silhouette. Try a pearl lariat necklace to convey timeless elegance, or a dazzling diamond lariat necklace for eye-catching sparkle. Worn on their own or layered with other delicate necklace styles, our silver and gold lariat necklaces are effortlessly on trend.

  • $ 145
  • TDW - 0.03ct
    $ 310
  • $ 490
  • $ 125
  • $ 155
  • $ 155
  • $ 125
  • TDW - 0.01ct
    $ 565
  • $ 265
  • $ 725

Lariat Necklaces at Gabriel & Co.

Our selection of breathtaking lariat necklaces allows every woman to express her own unique style. Perhaps best known for enhancing low cut ensembles, lariat necklaces actually work equally well with a variety of other necklines.

Whether you shop online or use the Gabriel & Co. store locator to find your local authorized retailer, the pieces you receive will be expertly crafted to the highest standards of quality. For peace of mind, register your purchase within 30 days using its unique serial number and your lariat necklace will be covered by two warranties.