Engagement Ring Shanks (Bands) Explained

If you’ve landed on this blog, you’re likely familiar with what a shank of an engagement ring is, but just in case, the shank, also called the band of the engagement ring, is part of the mounting and the part that wraps around your finger.

While the center stone is often considered the main attraction of an engagement ring, the shank, or band part of the ring, plays a very important part and can give the ring its unique look. There are actually many different types of shanks, each having a name universally understood in the bridal industry. Let’s explore the exciting world of engagement ring shanks.

Plain Shank (Without Diamonds Or Gemstones)

A plain band is considered a classic, and most of the time jewelers will refer to such rings as solitaires. A solitaire means the center stone is sitting in prongs or some other type of setting without any other stones around it such as a halo or a double halo.

Halo Engagement Ring With Plain Shank
Style: ER14920R4W44JJ
Three-Stone Engagement Ring With Plain Shank
Style: ER14745R6W44JJ
Solitaire Engagement Ring With Plain Shank
Style: ER14982O8W4JJJ

A plain shank means it has no diamonds or gemstones on it. What’s nice about a plain band is that you can easily stack your engagement ring with other rings creating an awesome bridal ring stack. Also this option allows you to save on the semi-mounting part and invest more into the center stone or your wedding band. Plain bands can be straight, rounded, knife-edge, split, twisted, bypassing or criss-crossing. So if you’re set on a shank with no diamonds, you can still have a plain band without sacrificing on unique style.

Plain Twisted Rope Shank.
Style: ER13913R4W44JJ
Bypass Shank
Style: ER11588R3W4JJJ
Criss-Cross Shank
Style: ER9596W4JJJ

Engraved Shank

If you’re dreaming of a vintage inspired engagement ring but don’t want stones on your band, engraving is an optimum choice. It is relatively inexpensive and still gives the ring an interesting look. There are a plethora of engraving options and you can really get creative with the designs. You can engrave on the top and sides of the shank as well and add a millgrain border along the edge and gallery giving the ring that old world charm.

Engraved Shank
Style: ER6707PTJJJ

Straight Diamond Shank

A straight diamond shank, also considered a classic, is exactly what the name implies. The diamonds can be set in different ways, each giving off its own feel. A shared prong setting gives a very modern feel while a pavé setting looks extra sparkly. The diamonds can graduate from the front to the back or they can be the same size. They can be small to give off a whisper thin shank that’s sparkly or they can be bigger to show off some serious bling. You can mix round stones with fancy cuts like baguettes for added interest and you can even mix in precious gemstones like sapphires.

Straight Pavé Diamond Shank
Style: ER14649R8W44JJ

Bezel Set Diamond Shank
Style: ER15272R4W44JJ
Shared Prong Diamond Shank
Style: ER11755R3W44JJ

Split Shank

As the name implies, a split shank has rows of bands that split away from the center stone and then converge at some point to wrap around the finger. This allows the shank to be more spread out, in turn making the ring take up more space on your finger and giving it a larger appearance. There are many different split shank designs with various rows and setting types, each beautiful in its own way.

Split Shank
Style: ER14994R8W83JJ

Criss-Cross Shank

A criss-cross shank is when two rows cross over each other. It gives some interest to the shank and is a nice way to combine different metal colors as well.

Criss-Cross Shank
Style: ER14460R4T44JJ

Twisted Shank

Twisted or braided shanks are another cool way to add interest to your band. Two or more bands twist around each other to form the shank. When the rows are narrow it gives a sweet dainty effect to the ring.

Twisted Shank
Style: ER15209R4W44JJ

Floral Shank

Florals are always associated with romance and in an engagement ring with this look is quite coveted. This look can be achieved with the shank resembling vines, leaves or flowers with diamonds or other stones sprinkled throughout to add extra sparkle to the ring.

Floral Shank
Style: ER15207R4W44JJ

Wide Shank

For those who want to make a serious statement with their engagement ring, a wide shank is the perfect way to go. Whether you prefer plain, diamond, or a combination of both, a wide band on an engagement ring packs a serious style punch.

Wide Shank
Style: ER14093R6W44JJ

Bypass Shank

A bypass shank is when one side of the shank curves around the top of the stone and the other row of the shank curves around the bottom giving the ring an interesting asymmetrical appearance.

Bypass Shank
Style: ER15359R4W83JJ

Free-Form Shank

A free-form shank is similar to a bypass shank in that the look is asymmetrical, but in a free form shank there are multiple rows. It’s an ideal choice for the woman who wants something different that no one else has and prefers a modern look. These look great when mixed in different metal colors

Free-Form Shank
Style: ER13846R4T44JJ

Chevron Shank

A hot trend from 2019, chevron shanks curve on one side forming a V shape. They are delicate, quirky and have a one of a kind look perfect for those ladies who never follow the crowd.

Stackable-Illusion Shank

The stackable-illusion shank gives off the appearance of wearing multiple rings at once. These look great in two tone combinations when each row is clearly defined. This is a more expensive option but also a one-and-done approach.

A wavy, yellow gold diamond set row flanks a straight, white gold bezel set diamond band on each side.
Style: ER12194R4M44JJ
Bezel set diamond bands alternate with yellow gold beaded rows in this wide band engagement ring, giving off the illusion of 5 separate rings.
Style: ER12199R6M44JJ
Four rows of pave diamonds in rose and white gold form the band of this engagement ring giving off the illusion of 4 separate rings.
Style: ER14072R6T44JJ

No matter what your style preferences are there is a perfect engagement ring made just for you at Gabriel & Co.

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