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As your love for one another grows, find the ultimate expression of devotion with an unforgettable wedding band that reflects your enduring commitment.

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Frequently Asked
What is the significance of a wedding ring in comparison to an engagement ring?
While an engagement ring serves the purpose of celebrating the proposal, the wedding ring commemorates the vows of marital commitment, spending a lifetime of togetherness forever. Given the profoundness, a wedding ring is considered more significant than an engagement ring. Though worn on the same finger, the wedding ring goes first, followed by the engagement ring. However, an engagement ring is usually more expensive, grand, and intricately designed than a wedding ring, which is often an unostentatious pair of wedding bands that a couple exchanges at their wedding.
What should one look for in a men’s wedding band?
The groom's personality should be the primary consideration when choosing a men's wedding band. Most men prefer an effortless, classic style that is distinctive yet understated. A wedding ring that is statement enough to be noticed but is not overpowering to his demeanor. While white gold and platinum are subtle, rose gold is flamboyant, and yellow gold is noticeably luxe. One may opt for a mix of metals to enhance the style quotient a few notches higher. A men's wedding band with diamonds is also a way to add to the luxurious vibe. Finally, the width of the band should neither be too broad nor thin for the size of the finger. The perfect fit and size matter a lot as the wedding is to be worn each day, leaving a little bandwidth for the occasional weight fluctuations over time.
Which are the different styles of wedding anniversary bands one can buy?
Either as an enhancer to the wedding band or for building an enviable collection of stackable bands, one may indulge in aesthetically designed wedding anniversary bands. Our assortment includes the curved wedding bands, which, as the name implies, are slightly curved in the middle, crafted, keeping style, form, and functionality in mind. Eternity rings, designed with a continuous circle of dazzling diamonds, stand as a metaphor for undying love and commitment, both literally and figuratively. Ring jackets or ring enhancers are particularly conceptualized to augment the appearance and grandeur of the existing wedding ring. Lastly, add uniquely designed stackable rings to your collection to play around with your styling game and stack your rings for a detailed, unique look each time.
Which finger does a wedding ring go on and what is the symbolism?
The whole concept of exchanging wedding rings as a mark of the wedding vows was first initiated in Ancient Egypt. Egyptians believed that the fourth finger of the left hand has a vein, also referred to as the 'vein of love', that is directly connected to the heart. For this reason, in most cultures, the wedding ring is sported on this finger, also known as the 'ring finger'.
Are white gold and rose gold wedding rings a more popular choice than yellow gold wedding rings?
The choice of metal for a wedding ring is a matter of absolute personal preference. Earlier, women favored a yellow gold wedding ring without an iota of doubt. But, of late, the rose gold and white gold version of the metal have garnered just as many takers as the traditional yellow gold wedding rings. If you like your jewelry to be bright, classic, and visibly extravagant, yellow gold is your color. Rose gold, on the other hand as a mellowed presence but looks equally sumptuous. If sober, sleek, and understated define your style, white gold wedding rings will fit your tastes. One may even look at wedding rings in mixed metals. They balance out the various metals' effects and look high on style. However, all the metal types score equally on the quality and authenticity benchmarks.
How much money should one ideally spend on a wedding ring?
No denying, buying a wedding ring is one of the most significant and sentimental purchases of one’s life. With heart involved, one wishes to spend as extravagantly as they can on this special piece of jewelry. Ideally, there is no defined budget for how much one should spend on buying a wedding ring or a wedding band, but a few key parameters must definitely be considered. Factors like metal weight, 4 C’s of the diamond (carat, color, cut, and clarity), and craftsmanship define the pricing of the jewelry piece. Make sure that the ring that you invest your money into bears the certificate of authenticity, bears timeless appeal, and is worth the price in all respects.
Do stacked wedding rings make a strong style statement?
Stacking up your wedding ring with anniversary bands or ring enhancers is a hot trending style that women opt for to glam up their look instantly. Rather than wearing the wedding ring alone, accompanying it with striking bands in diamonds or colorful gemstones elevates the appearance and lends it a more dazzling, dressed-up feel. One may wear the different bands and the ring on the same finger or style with a few bands on separate fingers.
Which hand does one wear a wedding ring on?
Just before the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring (initially worn on the fourth finger of the left hand) is moved to the right hand. At the ceremony, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand as the veins of the fourth finger directly connect to the heart. Once the wedding rings are exchanged, the engagement ring is worn behind the wedding ring on the same finger, keeping the latter still closer to the heart.
Is it popular to wear a matching Engagement Ring and Wedding Band?
There are no rules to abide by to match both the rings, just like in the matters of the heart – love follows no rules! It is totally up to the personal liking of the bride whether she wishes to match both her wedding band and engagement ring or not. The women desirous of wearing both their rings together on the same finger should make the befitting choice to match them and get customized designs. Otherwise, if you only plan to adorn one at a time or maybe wear them on separate fingers, it is perfectly alright if both the rings do not complement each other’s designs.
Which are more popular – ruby, sapphire, or emerald wedding rings?
While they are all highly precious gemstones, ruby is a bit more expensive and rarer than the other two. All three gemstones have their admirers and a league of ardent takers. Over the years, women have exhibited a fetish for the colored gemstone wedding rings and bands, drawn to their elite and sumptuous appeal. Celebrities like Blake Lively, Jessica Simpson, and Halle Berry have been spotted swooning their fans with glimpses of their engagement and wedding rings with colored gemstones and setting the right inspiration for similar indulgences.



Our passionately curated medley of wedding rings has a befitting option to suit every preference. We offer stunning wedding ring styles with variations across diamond weight, ring settings, stone shape, metal type, and design aesthetic. To reflect their taste and individual style, one may choose from an impressive selection of wedding bands, eternity bands, curved bands, straight bands, jackets/enhancers, and fancy bands as their wedding ring. We design these rings with precious metals like yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum. Though most wedding rings are designed in 14k gold, one may place a customization order for an 18kt gold composition or even in platinum metal, if desired.


With a Gabriel & Co. wedding ring, you can be sure of adorning the finest wedding ring on your finger. Our meticulous team handcrafts each wedding ring with an inimitable passion, coupled with skillful artistry, precision, and remarkable finesse. We adhere to the highest quality standards as that is the only defining benchmark of luxury. For this reason, only the most high-quality diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals are used in all our wedding rings. These stones are conflict-free and bear the highest marks of authenticity. We define our wedding ring designs not just as stylish but very progressive and empowering at the same time. While some designs draw inspiration from nature’s ethereal beauty, our designers also refer to the various cultural influences from across the world to embed in their creative designs, making our rings a piece of beauty to marvel at. Each ring can be customized for size and metal type and bears the Gabriel & Co. logo and a unique serial number for identification. As a commitment to our standards, we extend a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ with every purchase and offer lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defects on registered styles.

Diamond Wedding Rings and Bands

A wedding ring is a symbol of love and commitment between two people who are getting married. It is typically worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, also known as the ring finger, and is often accompanied by an engagement ring.

There are many different types of wedding rings to choose from, ranging from simple bands to more elaborate designs with diamonds or other gemstones. Some couples opt for matching wedding rings, while others choose different styles that suit their individual tastes and preferences.

The tradition of exchanging wedding rings dates back to ancient Rome, where rings were made of iron and were worn as a symbol of ownership. In modern times, wedding rings are typically made of precious metals such as gold, platinum, or white gold, and are often inscribed with the couple's names or the date of their wedding.

Factors to Consider

When choosing a wedding ring, there are several factors to consider:

  • Material: Gold, platinum, and white gold are all popular choices for wedding rings, and each has its own unique properties. Gold is a soft and malleable metal that is easy to work with, but it can scratch and wear over time. Platinum is a harder and more durable metal that is resistant to scratching, but it is also more expensive. White gold is an alloy of gold and other white metals that is coated with rhodium to give it a white color.
  • Style: Some couples choose a simple band for their wedding ring, while others opt for a ring with diamonds or other gemstones. The style of the ring should reflect the couple's personal style and preferences.
  • Fit: A wedding ring should be comfortable to wear and should not be too loose or too tight. It is a good idea to have the ring sized by a professional jeweler to ensure a proper fit.
  • Cost: Wedding rings can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the material, style, and quality of the ring. It is important to set a budget and to shop around to find the best deal.

In summary, a wedding ring is a symbol of love and commitment between two people who are getting married. It is typically made of precious metals such as gold, platinum, or white gold, and can range in style from a simple band to a more elaborate design with diamonds or other gemstones. When choosing a wedding ring, it is important to consider the material, style, fit, and cost of the ring, as well as the personal preferences of the couple.

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