How Much Money Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring?

How Much Money Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring

All eyes are constantly on the engagement ring, which is supposed to be the one binge-worthy piece of jewelry every bride owns. On the other hand, the wedding band is simpler by contrast, almost stark, plain, and virginal in its design. If you’re looking at picking up a plain metal band for your beloved, chances are you won’t be spending too much on a wedding ring anyway.

But wedding bands today are so much more than that. They represent the unique person wearing the ring and the bond they have forged with their significant other. Your wedding day is probably the most special day of your life, so why should the ring be any less?

Take, for instance, the wedding ring that Nick Jonas put on Priyanka Chopra’s finger. The classic band, made from precious platinum, was studded with 3.90 carats of Ashoka-cut diamonds in an east-west setting. You may or may not be able to break the bank – like Jonas – but whatever your budget, there’s always going to be something that appeals to you and your loved one.

How Much Money Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring

Who Pays for The Wedding Band?

According to tradition, the groom pays for the bride’s wedding band, and vice versa. In other words, the giver of the ring always pays for it. However, a lot of modern couples approach this custom differently. For instance, some split the cost of the wedding evenly with one another, with the wedding ring’s expense being thrown into it as well. Others may decide to let family chip in and make a contribution. Whatever it is, ensure that you communicate and agree on how much to spend on the wedding band and how to buy it. Consider your joint finances, the overall wedding expenses, and the cost of starting a life together after the ceremony.

Are you looking to keep each of your wedding rings below $1,000 without compromising on individuality and aesthetics? Here are some great options for both the bride and groom, which are a step up from the basic wedding band.

This symmetrically elegant band Calaise is dotted halfway across with a row of 0.18 carat round diamonds. Handcrafted in 14k white gold, this is ideal for the woman who wants to make a simple, unfussy declaration of love and loyalty.

We love this 14k white gold band Simon, for men. It comes with a 6mm hammered center. The diamond-cut edge makes for an interesting mélange of textures, reflective of the ups, downs and in-betweens of your relationship.

Do Couples Buy Wedding Bands Together?

Earlier, when there were fewer design options for wedding rings, it didn’t matter! One gold or platinum band was as good as the other, right? Cut to now, when there are such widespread options in terms of interesting design elements, material, and detailing on a wedding band. It just makes sense, doesn’t it, to ensure you pick out the wedding bands together? The advantage of shopping separately for a wedding band is the surprise element. But given the magnitude of the purchase, perhaps the surprise aspect is overrated! Why shouldn’t the person wearing it at the end have the final say in choosing the ring? Shopping together for a wedding band allows you to agree on a budget and stay on track with sizing. Also, the bride and the groom can pick up matching wedding bands if they like the idea of twinning.

Should I Take My Lifestyle into Consideration While Purchasing My Wedding Band?

Of course, you should. As per your wedding vows, a wedding band will be on your finger for the rest of your days. Avoid fussy rings that require a lot of care, especially if you’re a person who puts their hands to good use gardening, doing the dishes, or hoovering the house. Think about how much care you can afford to give your wedding ring before you make that purchase. Don’t get carried away and let practicality take a backseat.

What is A Good Budget for a Wedding Band?

When Marylin Monroe married Joe DiMaggio, he gave her an eternity band, which featured 35 baguette-cut diamonds set in platinum. Excessive, much? Well, thankfully, you don’t have to keep up. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis spent around $100 a piece for their wedding bands, and no one’s judging them for that either.

There is no single appropriate budget for a wedding band. In fact, unlike the engagement ring (the three months salary rule), there isn’t a similar rule for wedding bands. However, on average, a couple spends around 5 percent of their total wedding expenses on wedding rings. So let’s say your wedding costs $ 50,000, then the combined cost of the wedding rings would be $2,500.

A wedding ring costs anywhere between $200 and $2,000, depending on factors like style, thickness, precious metals, and stones used. It is appropriate (but not necessary) that the pair of wedding rings should cost more than your DJ expenses! 

Most couples today typically spend anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000 on each wedding band. If you fall into the category as well, look no further – we’ve got the perfect rings for you.

Eleven gorgeous round-cut French pave diamonds weighing 0.47 carats adorn this wedding band Portfino, set in 14k white gold.

For the contemporary man, who isn’t afraid to experiment, this 8mm wedding band is crafted from 14k white gold.

Which is More Important, an Engagement Ring or Wedding Band?

The engagement ring is more fun. It comes with a proposal, which is often a grand romantic gesture. It is also more elaborate, high on design, and can be as avant-garde as you like – not to mention more expensive. From an emotional standpoint, though, a wedding band is more important than an engagement band. It is not just an expression of love but a commitment to stay together for life. 

Also, it is important to remember wedding bands have been exchanged for centuries now, whereas the tradition of engagement rings was only popularized in the 20th century. When men went away to fight during World War I, they would leave behind engagement rings for their loved ones as a commitment that they would come back and marry them.

Both engagement and wedding rings are worn on the left hand’s ring finger because the vein from this finger goes directly to the heart. However, the wedding ring is worn first – just a little closer to the heart!

Should your Wedding Band Match Your Engagement Ring?

Not necessarily. Kate Middleton is the poster girl for mix and match. Her wedding band is crafted from a piece of Welsh yellow gold, while her iconic engagement ring is platinum with diamonds and a deep blue sapphire set in it. Of course, all brides aren’t comfortable stacking rings that are so diverse in appearance. They usually then just pop the engagement ring on the right hand to avoid the dilemma.

On the other hand, Blake Lively’s whopper of a flawless light pink diamond engagement ring – worth an estimated $2 million – coordinates perfectly with her rose gold and diamond wedding band. When they stack up together, they look perfect – like they were made to wear together (which they probably were!).

Do you want to take a cue from these lovely ladies, pull out all the stops and splurge on your wedding bands? We have two absolutely stunning rings for the bride and the groom, which will be the talk of the event.


This Malaga ring features nine French Pave diamonds measuring 0.94 carats set in 14k white gold. Perfect for the bride who wants to add that extra bit of dazzle to her wedding day, without eclipsing the engagement ring.


While we’re at it, why should women have all the fun with diamonds? This men’s wedding band, Enzo, is set in 14k white gold with a hammered finish. It comes studded with eight diamonds weighing 0.50 carats.

Things To Keep in Mind While Spending on a Wedding Ring:

1. Metal of the Ring– Undoubtedly, Gold and Platinum are the conventional and the most trusted wedding band metals. These days, other alternatives like Tungsten Carbide, Titanium, Palladium, Tantalum, and Cobalt are also making their presence felt, albeit niche. All these metals are distinct in terms of their strength, durability, appearance, and, consequently, their cost. As you decide on your budget for the wedding rings, consider the ring metal. 

Given its supreme attributes, platinum qualifies as the most expensive wedding band metal, followed by gold (in all its three variations). Though platinum and palladium are both from the same element family, palladium is much more lightweight and prone to scratches and corrosion. The metal is not very widely used; hence, with rarer options, its price hits almost as high as platinum. All the other four – Tungsten Carbide, Tantalum, Cobalt, and Titanium are durable metals but not as precious as gold and platinum. With Titanium costing higher than the former three yet significantly lower than platinum and gold, they can be explored if you are looking to stay within a crisp budget. These metals are still not as popular; hence, only a few jewelers host their collections.

2. Craftsmanship, Design, and Polish – A wedding band may look visibly simpler in appearance, but its visual impact is hard to miss. The detailing and intricacy of design are just as significant as in the case of an engagement ring. While comparing two wedding bands, consider their design, the polish type and, how precise and acute are the engravings. One can also get their wedding bands customized with their initials or any specific polish that they like (sandblast, satin, or maybe matte finish). Of course, the costs go up with out-of-the-regular customizations.

3. Inclusion of Diamonds or Gemstones – Opt for a diamond-studded wedding band or the one featuring your birthstone for an added hint of glamour and magnificence. The overall cost of the wedding band depends upon the quality of these precious stones included.

4. Authenticity – Always buy your wedding jewelry (and any jewelry for that matter) from a trusted and reliable jeweler. A wedding band is for a lifetime and reigns high on sentimental value. If for some reason, your wedding band corrodes after some time or develops scratches, all owing to a lower quality of metal, then it can be quite disheartening. None of us would like to have our wedding band changed, right? Purchase your wedding bands from a jeweler of repute, even if you have to pay a few dollars more!

How Much Money Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring

Whatever your budget, make sure you choose a band that is just right for you. Head to Gabriel & Co. to choose from our selection of unique and contemporary wedding bands that will make your wedding day truly memorable and an occasion to cherish.

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