What is an Anniversary Ring?


One of the most momentous gifts for a woman on a special anniversary such as a wedding anniversary or the birth of a child is diamond jewelry. Diamond or gemstone bands are especially common and made more meaningful with the special date or love message inscribed on the inside of the band. Fine jewelry, especially a ring, is a timeless gift that can be worn every day or on special occasions if the piece is fancier.

Anniversary bands, also called anniversary rings come in many designs. Let’s explore some options.

Diamond Bands

Diamond bands come in many variations and make perfect anniversary gifts. Size, quantity and type of gemstones can vary and combinations with birthstones can add a meaningful touch as well. Settings such as prong, channel, pave and bezel are all beautiful, showcasing the stones in different ways.

The stones can be round or a fancy shape such as princess, baguette, oval or emerald cut. White gold has been the metal of choice in the past decade but yellow gold, rose gold and platinum are equally great options. Typically the stones go halfway around to ¾ way around the band allowing for a sizing bar in the back. This allows for a comfortable fit and is versatile enough for any lifestyle.

A diamond anniversary band can be worn together with the engagement ring and wedding band as a stack or it can be worn alone on the opposite hand of the engagement ring.

Eternity Bands

You pledged to love each other for as long as you both shall live and there is no better way to remind your soulmate of that eternal pledge. Eternity bands, sometimes also called infinity rings, are filled with meaning and are a truly grand and momentous anniversary gift. They come in many settings and styles as well as various price points. Eternity rings feature stones that go all the way around the ring. The never-ending circle of diamonds is meant to represent a love that’s meant to last a lifetime. These are a more expensive option and one must take great care as the stones on the back of the ring get more wear and tear if worn daily.

Fancy Anniversary Bands

As the name implies, fancy anniversary bands are not typical straight bands; they have interesting design elements and finishes. For example a halo surrounding each stone gives a bigger overall look and gives off major sparkle. Twisting rows of diamonds intertwining with one another give off a romantic vibe.

A millgrain edge on the metal evokes a vintage feel for the hopeless romantic, while diamond stations with white gold spacing look contemporary and chic.

A mix of rounds and fancy shapes like baguettes in a wider band packs a serious sparkling punch.

These bands are fun and unique and can truly portray a woman’s individual style aesthetic.

Gemstone Anniversary Bands

Anniversary bands don’t have to be all diamond; precious gemstones like ruby, emerald and sapphire are beautiful and timeless. Combining gemstones with diamonds is also a great way to add sparkle without breaking the bank. Other options include birthstones which can be incorporated into the band and can be especially meaningful.

Wide Anniversary Bands

For an especially momentous anniversary such as 20, 30 or more years together a wide band is a serious statement maker that’s sure to wow.

Floral Anniversary Bands

Twisting vines, scrolling motifs, leaves and flowers are delicate and romantic reminding you that the romance in your relationship is very much alive.

Curved Bands

Curved bands are a wonderful addition to an engagement ring stack. Depending on the curve they can sit well with a halo or a solitaire engagement ring. The curved band and your wedding band can flank the engagement ring on either side adding a new sparkling layer to your bridal stack.

The best anniversary rings are ones that will match her unique personal style and symbolize your enduring love and commitment to one another. Browse Gabriel’s wide assortment of anniversary rings or contact our customer service department to custom create an anniversary ring she will cherish always.