Facets of Life: Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff

You’re one click away from anything you want.

She never fails to appear within the first swipe of my open Instagram app; a cool, confident young woman smartly dressed in urbane, cool street style, often wearing a leather jacket and always carrying a striking handsomely tooled, often quilted, go-anywhere handbag. Her name isn’t revealed, but the name of the person posting is always the same – Designer Rebecca Minkoff. Minkoff, who is smart and strategic, knows how and where to reach her fans and customers.  

In fact, Minkoff was one of the first designers to harness the ever-increasing influential power of the internet. And when you go to her website, you are rewarded with a plethora of choices in almost every category of women’s sportswear and accessories. At first glance, her vast assortment can be daunting because you quickly realize choices are going to take time. But Minkoff’s site assumes a new attitude that is worth cultivating – learning how to treat shopping online as an experience rather than merely an expedient.

One of the few positive aspects of the pandemic was that, by necessity, it eliminated everyone’s hesitation to shop online. Regardless of age, sex or income, there was no more effective way to get paper towels, masks, or food. But it’s one thing to know what you want, click onto Amazon or some other box store site, and order whatever it is you need. But finding pleasure in exploring the array of choices afforded today’s online shopper requires a worthwhile shift of attitude. No, you aren’t touching an item, feeling it, or even trying it on. However, no store can offer the almost limitless selection you’re able to find online without exerting any legwork. You don’t even have to refresh your lip gloss. All you need to do is apply some time and concentration.

For example, Mother’s Day is approaching. If you go to our website gabrielny.comthe first prompt, you’ll see touts this noteworthy day of thanks to someone so special. With merely one click, over 150 gift ideas appear for you to savor. Keep clicking, and the options are nearly overwhelming, but it also increases the probability of finding exactly what your mom will fall in love with and cherish forever. Or scroll down to our irresistibly sensual Bujukan collection and immediately gaze on over 75 gleaming rings, chains, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets that appear, with an enticement to ‘Explore the Full Collection’ with just three more clicks. No need to hail an Uber. Just settle in, relax, let your imagination take over, and then either order your new treasure online or contact your local fine jeweler who sells Gabriel & Co. and ask if they can get you the product to see it in person.

Maybe you’ve forgotten how much time you used to spend in the mall looking for that perfect “thing” because you were always moving. Now you can seek out so much more in probably less time, and you just have to get used to sitting still. Grab a latte or a glass of port, or download your favorite Adele album if that will help (maybe make that Bruno Mars. Adele can be so depressing you won’t want to shop) and allow yourself the freedom to explore. Who knows? Before long, you may find yourself posting a selfie looking just as confident as that young woman wearing Rebecca Minkoff.

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