10 Most Stylish Gold Bracelet Designs for Men

Gold Bracelets for Men

There is no ambivalence around women’s die-hard love for jewelry. They all love it exuberantly, with all heart possible. But for men, we often presume that they are not as much into jewelry as their female counterparts. Trust us when we say – men love jewelry too. However, most prefer only niche statement pieces that add to their persona. The modern-day man is interested in jewelry but only subtle, tasteful designs, nothing ostentatious or in-your-face-flashy! Classic designs get the highest votes, but most men are affable to embracing modern, innovative designs that bring their innate individuality to the fore. Oh boy, did we just decode the modern man, his likes and preferences? Well, if we did, then girlfriends, you owe us big for this!

Apart from the one sentimental jewelry piece that all men wear – their wedding ring; bracelets, too, hold an enviable rank in the list of their beloved jewelry. Men’s bracelets come in numerous variations – from the metal choice (gold, silver, platinum, etc.) to the polishes, engravings, and any diamonds or gemstones the bracelet may feature. Gold bracelets for men are stylish yet sophisticated at the same time. No wonder a graceful gold bracelet design is the perfect accessory for today’s confident, suave man. 

When purchasing a men’s gold bracelet, you need not restrict yourself to bright yellow gold, though we eternally love this classic, timeless hue. Choose from rose gold and white gold metals, or combine the metals in two-tone bracelets that are supremely chic and statement-making. Picture the impression he’ll make wearing designs as striking as these? And if you think gold bracelets for men are tacky or effeminate, Gabriel & Co.’s sharp collection will certainly change your mind. 

The History Behind Men’s Gold Bracelets

Hard to believe, but men were donning bracelets even centuries ago. There is no exact date in history to confirm the first sightings, but it was a substantial jewelry piece for men during the Ancient Egyptian civilization. The associated hierarchical norms around men wearing bracelets are fascinating. The nobility wore gold bracelets, while the masses could only afford copper pieces. A testimony to this is the men’s bracelets preserved in Egyptian tombs as far back as 2100 BC. This phenomenon gave birth to an interesting connotation – gold bracelets came to symbolize wealth, power, and status.

Ancient warriors used bracelets as protection during war. Over time, bracelets were bestowed to support courage and bravery. The Bible records three types of bracelets – one for men, one for women, and one for either sex. A common practice in Biblical times was using bracelets to pay for services. The recipient would treat jewelry as currency, thus sealing its value.

These days, bracelets are always favored in men’s jewelry – and rightfully so!

This 14K Rose Gold Plain Cuff Bangle pays homage to ancient jewelry, a silent reminder of sophistication and power. The rose gold sparkle suits any skin tone, while the Herringbone pattern gives it a rugged look. Dashing, isn’t it?

Should Men Wear Bracelets?

Men wearing bracelets is not unusual. It is quite a popular trend. And men love layering their bracelets, too! They are even excited about assembling a stack (maybe 2-3) and showing it off. But if your man still feels dubious about whether or not to wear a gold bracelet, we give enough reasons to stamp his decision with a definitive YES! With Gabriel & Co.’s collection, each design is crafted to reflect the wearer’s distinct mood and personality, so each person can find appealing pieces.

Men. generally, love wearing bracelets:

There is nothing wrong with men adorning jewelry – necklaces, rings, studs, or bracelets. They can be worn all together or individually layered. Most men find wearing a bracelet a flattering way to enhance their attire. This 14K Yellow Gold Faceted Chain Bracelet is perfect for the man who enjoys wearing jewelry! The bracelet’s defining feature is the beautiful link chain pattern with a subtle shine. Perfect to wear with suits and sweatpants alike, the bracelet is minimalist eye candy.

Gold bracelets showcase wealth and power:

Gold bracelets always make a statement of power and wealth. They were a staple in ancient monarchs’ jewelry collections, after all. A gold bracelet on a man’s wrist is a commanding accessory that announces his status. Choose this delicate yet sturdy 14K Yellow Gold Chain Bracelet to add panache to your man’s demeanor!

Gold bracelets say a lot about a man’s personality:

Accessories are not mute fashion objects. Any connoisseur will agree that the right jewelry says much about the wearer. When it comes to bracelets? Well, they talk louder. When a guy prefers plain gold bracelets over everything, it tells people that he’s elegant, responsible, and proud without being boisterous or superficial in his style.

Look at this classic 14K Yellow Gold Bracelet. It features a flat, heavy chain design, making it a snug fit on the wrist. With its golden shimmer, this absolute seducer attracts attention!

Which Wrist Should Men Wear Their Bracelets On?

On whichever wrist they like! Yes, it is as simple as that. Fashion transgresses rules, and isn’t that the whole point? To make one’s own niche; to style up what suits the best. There is no right or wrong wrist on which to wear a gold bracelet, as long as it is comfortable. If it’s a toss up, put it on the non-dominant hand. For example, if a man is right-handed, he should wear the bracelet on his left hand and vice versa. This little detail ensures there is no discomfort when using the dominant hand. Maybe, a watch on one hand and a bracelet on the other, or both on the same, leaving one hand free for easier functionality. When vacationing or relaxing, a man can skip the watch and wear only a stylish bracelet. 

Glimmering in 14K Yellow Gold, this link chain bracelet will look elegant on any wrist. The link chain pattern gives it an impressive look, while its dainty design doesn’t distract from an outfit.

What Size Is Right for a Gold Bracelet?

What is the fun of buying a stunning bracelet that is ill-fitting on your wrist and not very comfortable? To have that perfect bracelet that flatters the wrist, be sure to understand its making and the fit.

The ideal bracelet size is proportionate to your wrist size. It is loose enough not to leave indents on the wrist yet snuggly fits so that it does not slide down the hand.  The standard length for men’s bracelets usually ranges from 7.5 to 9 inches. If you are not sure of his wrist size, measure it at home with a measuring tape before making the purchase.

There is more to consider than just aligning the bracelet size with the wrist size. The overall look is crucial, too. Smaller, delicate bracelets suit thin wrists. In comparison, larger, conspicuous bracelets look dashing on thicker wrists. Cuff bracelets find a middle ground in this situation. Not only do they look great on any wrist, but the fit can also be adjusted. 

Look at this precious Open ID bracelet from Gabriel & Co.’s Contemporary Collection. The band is 925 sterling silver wrapped in premium leather. 7.25 inches in size, the bracelet won’t fall off your wrist because of its unique design. The best part about this bracelet is the 14k yellow-gold plaque glimmering on the front!

Is It Fashionable to Wear a Bracelet with a Suit?

It is befitting for a fashion-forward man to showcase his style and flair on his wrist. Picture this, a handsome, well-groomed man, donning a tailored, structured black or navy blue suit, with just a yellow gold (or maybe white gold) bracelet on one of his wrists and his wedding ring (already taken, ladies!). No other accessory. Doesn’t the combination epitomize a self-assured, confident personality? We say a classy bracelet stamps a formal suit with your personality for a look that sets you apart!
Gold bracelets (in any hue) are also great to wear with casual looks – t-shirts, cargo shirts, no-fuss polos, or V-necks. Choose a strong, bold design that reflects your personality and aura. Your chosen bracelet should speak on your man’s behalf and attract his tribe.

This 14K Rose-White Gold bracelet is one of the fascinating designs of Gabriel & Co.! It alternates between rose gold and white gold links, making it a warm yet bold design. The bracelet is an excellent choice for casual outfits, exuding fun and carefree vibes.

As per the experts, yellow gold bracelets shine when paired with suits. A plain gold bracelet or one with a minimal design works well. Go with a simple pattern to blend the bracelet with your suit aesthetic – and not distract from its style. 

This 14K yellow-white gold open bracelet is a heart-stealer, a simple yet powerful design! The band displays the beautiful Herringbone pattern, with yellow gold peppered in between. The bracelet has a snug fit and looks incredibly classy with suits.

How To Take Care of a Men’s Gold Bracelet?

Gold bracelets aren’t inexpensive. You don’t want this precious accessory to lose its sheen just because you are lackadaisical in taking care of it. Gold is a soft metal, so your bracelet may get scratches or dents with regular wear. Not to mention the dust and debris that layers on the jewelry piece. Thankfully, cleaning a gold bracelet is much easier than you think.

Prepare a solution with warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Once it is ready, drop your gold bracelets in the mix and let them soak for a while. Scrub the piece gently using a soft brush and dip it in the solution one more time. If your bracelet is set with diamonds or bears precise engravings, take a toothpick and gently pull out the deep dust. Once dry, your gold bracelet will look as bright as new.

A gold bracelet shouldn’t lie haphazardly in the drawer. Instead, store it safely in a jewelry box or wrap it in a soft cloth to keep its luster intact for a very long time!

14K Yellow Gold grommets dot the entire band of this beautiful Sterling Silver Bracelet. It features an open cuff design, adding more to its stylish quality.

How Much Does a Men’s Gold Bracelet Cost?

There are three determining factors of a gold bracelet’s cost – the percentage of gold and other metals, the bracelet’s weight, and the labor cost. Thus, each bracelet’s price differs from the other. At Gabriel & Co., the price of a gold bracelet can range from $900 to $5,100. Every piece is of the finest design and superlative quality standards. Look at this Open Cross ID Bracelet as an example – 925 sterling silver band, leather lining, 14K yellow gold plaque… intriguing and sophisticated, right?

The Final Say

If there is a jewelry piece for men that is effortless yet impactful, it is gold bracelets. Whether peeking from under shirt sleeves or worn conspicuously on bare arms, gold bracelets exude confidence and power. Choose between the bling of yellow gold, the pristine luster of white gold, or the luxurious rosy charm of rose gold); whatever your preference, Gabriel & Co. has exquisite designs in men’s bracelets that will leave you spellbound.

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