Eight Jewelry Pieces, Perfect for a Beach Vacation

Beach Jewelry

Just thinking about a beach vacation, relaxing and unwinding, is exciting. We are sure you feel equally exuberant about planning some great looks for your getaway. After all, isn’t it all about looking chic as you capture vacation memories in Insta-perfect images and reels? While you decide on your fashionable beachwear, let us help you with ideas for sleek jewelry pieces to enhance your looks.

Beach dressing isn’t just about the perfect beach body (though we wish we had one!) or flattering swimwear. The addition of right vacation accessories can uplift your looks from ordinary to extra ordinary. Think of hats, sunglasses, thongs, kaftans, stacked bracelets, and layered necklaces! Our take on vacation accessories is jewelry that’s a lot more playful, yet still classy. Your vacation jewelry must bring out the fun side of your personality and portray you as stylish and upbeat when you look at those vacation pictures in the future. Discover gorgeous vacation jewelry at Gabriel & Co. that looks exactly what we mean!

1. TB4681-75M45JJ

Bracelets play a vital role in accentuating the perfect beach look. We mostly wear sleeveless clothing when walking in the sand, which allows this dainty jewelry piece to look pretty on a slender arm. This fancy chain bracelet comprises a series of yellow gold hoops punctuated with diamond pavé link stations carved in white gold. The dual metal tones mirror the serene view of brimming waves hitting golden sand. Quite a visual, right! Team this with any monochrome bikini and sunglasses to ace the beachwear look.

2. BG4615-62Y45JJ

If you want something more extravagant in bracelets, we have this bead cuff bangle detailed with inner diamond clusters and gold pyramid connectors. Distinctive in its appearance, this cuff will be an eye-catching addition to your wardrobe while sightseeing, exploring ancient ruins, and walking through local museums. To complement its commanding appeal, try layering your outfit; add a pair of chunky glasses, a tote bag, and a touristy hat to build that vacation ensemble. The bracelet adds personality and depth to the final look.

3. NK7092-20Y4JJJ

This charming Paperclip Link Chain Necklace is perfect to complement your sunkissed skin and wavy beach hair. The Y-shaped chain in 14 K yellow gold exudes a glamorous vibe, ideal for a beach holiday. A versatile accessory, you do not have to think twice before putting it on with any of your outfits; a flowy kaftan, short dress, or even party outfits at night.

4. EG14280Y45JJ

No beach look is complete without a pair of stunning hoops. Including a couple of these gorgeous style enhancers on our list of go-to holiday jewelry was only fair. The first piece we have is this pair of delightful diamond hoops. With a geometric silhouette, these 14k yellow gold earrings boast a strong vibe. Their refined elegance makes them a must-wear with stylish resort wear. Wear them alone as a statement, or for a maximalist style, pair them with more jewelry for a dinner date by the beach or an evening party.

5. EG14723M45JJ

Don’t they say the more, the merrier? The only thing better than one hoop is two. This piece appeals to fans of minimalist jewelry who strive to make a statement without going OTT. We love the striking contrast created between the beaded, yellow gold huggies and the circles of dazzling diamonds. As the earrings showcase both metal colors, white and yellow gold, they are immensely versatile and can be styled in many ways.

6. NK6941Y45JJ and 7. LR52382Y45JJ

Fans of minimalist jewelry will appreciate this combination of coordinated necklace (NK6941Y45JJ) and ring (LR52382Y45JJ). You may choose to wear them together or individually. With a diamond star in the center and gold beads encircling the outer edge, these pieces are brilliant as transition jewelry. Wear them during the day while soaking up the sun; then, continue wearing these pieces for a drink-and-dance or intimate dinner at a rooftop bar, at sundown. All you need is a switch of wardrobe. For an effortlessly elegant day look, pair these yellow gold pieces with a subtly sensual, earth tone two-piece. Then, swap it with a fitted dress and sneakers in the evening to exude an uptown vibe.

8. LR52215M45JJ

Most of us do not want to carry too many expensive jewelry pieces when traveling, and rightly so. This stack ring is your answer to all your jewelry layering dilemmas. You can wear this ring effortlessly from day to night for those who want to live in just one unique jewelry piece. Make it a staple with all your vacation looks. This contemporary ring looks glamorous in its design. While you enjoy your drinks and sunbathe by the seaside, this ring will gleam brightly in the rays of the sun. Slip into a flowy boho outfit, busy with asymmetrical prints for a jazzy evening.

With contemporary appeal and warm vibes, these gold and diamond jewelry accessories will add panache to your next beach vacation.  Showcase your distinct style and include these golden suncatchers in all the memories you make on your beach vacation.  

Ways to Care for Your Jewelry at The Beach

Finally, take care of your gold and diamond jewelry at the beach. Salty sea water can harm the luster and quality of the jewelry metal and diamonds; take off your jewelry before getting into the water. Also, apply sunscreen, fragrances, and body lotions before putting on your jewelry; the chemicals in their formulations can be detrimental Also, once back home from the vacation, take a soft damp cloth and wipe off all the sand or seawater salts from the jewelry pieces. Let them air dry before you put them back in the box.

Are you planning a beach vacation? Discover beautiful vacation jewelry at Gabriel and Co., designed to elevate your looks and make dressing up much more fun!

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