Looking for Plain Gold Rings Without Diamonds? – Look No Further

Plain Gold Rings

If you are reading this, we are sure you love the metal gold as much as we do! Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend, but have you heard the popular Italian proverb, “Where gold speaks every tongue is silent.”? Such is the enchantment of gold, it leaves one and all in awe of its glamor and sheen. While diamond embellishments enhance the beauty of gold rings, the latter also looks equally stylish on its own.  

Chic, Versatile Gold Ring Designs

When we talk about everyday jewelry, we mean no-fuss designs you can wear and flaunt effortlessly, without too much thought. Our everyday gold rings have no harsh edges or spikes. They turn into your second skin, if we may. They are not flashy; they are jewelry to be worn round the clock without overpowering your looks. It’s not for nothing that we claim with confidence  –  you can literally wear these rings day and night! These subtle designs won’t come in the way of your daily chores, doing up home, or running errands.

This 14K Yellow Gold Chain Link Ring ranks high on our list of must-have rings for its easy wearability and versatility. It has a contemporary look and feel that makes it an ideal accessory to jazz up any style of outfit ranging from a bohemian maxi dress to an off-shoulder fit-and-flair. When presented as a surprise gift to your beloved, be rest assured that she will make the most of styling this gift of love. 

A dome ring is that fabulous statement ring that you don’t have to take off at the end of the day. As a simple yet gorgeous design, it is not only attractive but also commands authority. The lack of intricate cuts and twists of a dome ring helps it blend well with any other accessories you may want to reach for occasionally. They look great when paired with large gold hoops. You can skip the necklace. Apply a dash of red lipstick and slip into nude pumps; that is what we call a classic style statement.   

Style Them with Your Office Wear

While picking jewelry pieces for work, you may not want to pick anything gaudy. Being conscious of fineness doesn’t imply that you must settle for bland and uninspiring jewelry. Sophisticated, dainty pieces that emanate class and have understated finesse ways are perfect for the professional ambiance.

Lay your eyes on this sleek, dapper gold ring with an ultra-modern vibe. We pride ourselves on this ring’s futuristic mood, defined by its clean lines and sharp angles. While showcasing your refined taste in jewelry, this ring cuts a fine figure when teamed with formal clothes in muted color. Team this with a wide-strapped watch with a chunky dial with gold accents for a more synchronized finesse. Round up the styling with a solid metal bracelet beside your watch and a pair of tan block heels. And, good to go!

This criss-cross ring with its uniquely twisted shank is a marvel to appreciate. The asymmetry of the band enriches it with an illusion of extra width, making this ring a “one-man army” in your jewelry box. But again, why keep it in your jewelry box when its smooth texture and subtle loveliness allow it to be a part of your everyday hustle. Wear this 14K yellow gold ring in the ring figure of your right hand if your left is busy with an engagement ring or wedding band. It will complete a well-rounded boss-lady look.

For those who spend most of their work hours in pant-suits and very formal, corporate full sleeve blouses, your fingers are perhaps the only exposed part of your personality that you can adulate with some bling. Try this abstract ring, remarkable for its twisted rope pattern, and make the most of the limited scope. This ring effortlessly catches eyeballs with its fuller centerpiece and broad band to go over the finger. The soothing yellow hue of the 14K gold ring gels well with almost all warm colors, often defined as the fondest picks for work attire.

Fancy Gold Ring Designs, for Occasions

We have finally reached this article’s most exciting and perhaps awaited section. Yes! We are talking signature rings now. One might not wear them often, but on selected and special occasions, these rings work as showstoppers. They shine profusely, making it impossible to take one’s eyes off their magnificence. It is not an exaggeration to say a signature ring completes your jewelry collection like no other piece of jewelry.

Gold Rings
Gold Rings

With alternate strings of sleek and bold gold beads, this stack ring instantly elevates its wearer’s persona. A one-of-a-kind gorgeous design, the ring speaks of exceptional craftsmanship. For the unique design, it deserves to be treasured and then passed on to future generations as an heirloom. The ring is ideal jewelry for a traditional celebration, be it an anniversary or the new year’s, or to rock the weekend’s party.  

As statement jewelry for casual outings like a brunch at an exotic restaurant or Valentine’s Day celebration, the Stacked Bar Cage Ring stands matchless. The intricate detailing of the ring deserves an equally sassy outfit to go with. Throw on a lavish wine-colored gown with a thigh-high slit held with noodle straps. Don’t forget your strappy heels in gold. Nude heels with golden spikes will also work as a wise footwear choice. And, you are ready to dazzle.

The ancient civilizations celebrated yellow gold as the metal of their kings and queens for a long time. It is believed that the calming effect of gold vibrations on our skin helps overall blood circulation and increases oxygen flow to every body part. It’s truly a magic metal that rejuvenates you internally while sitting pretty on your fingers. It is time to lay your hands on some of the finest yellow gold rings at Gabriel & Co. Our vast collection features rings, both with and without diamonds.

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