Top Trending Signet Ring Designs for Men and Women in 2022

Signet Ring Designs

Have you ever noticed suave men and women wearing an inscribed ring on their pinkie finger, radiating a very vintage vibe? And probably left wondering the significance of such a unique ring design? Or, as someone well initiated, are you considering giving your beloved an epochal ‘stamped’ ring instead of a wedding band?

Attribute it to the resurgence of maximalist fashion or quirky style statements, one trend that has resurfaced in all fashion circles is the adornment of signet rings. Today, these jewels are making a comeback with a twist, reminiscent of a deep royal and authoritarian undertone dating back to ancient civilizations.

Signet Rings: Their Significance in History

With its aristocratic roots dating back to the Egyptian civilizations, it was during the Edwardian era that all official documents required the royal seal or the signet. Mainly a symbol of masculine status and power amongst the elite in an archetypal world, these “gentlemen’s rings” were emblazoned with unique family crests or coats of arms. The affluent men in business and politics would have these monogrammed signet rings that were dipped in hot wax before being used to seal or sign important documents. A supremely exclusive jewel to own, noblemen generally wore it in their non-dominant fingers.


Flash forward to the present, signet rings have become a symbol of confluence between the old and new. It is a nod to conventional fashion with a contemporary edge to it. While they currently serve fashion and aesthetic purposes, these signet rings also hold relevance as exquisite family heirlooms passed on to future generations. Breaking stereotypes in the feminist-driven era, women too started sporting this jewel in the late 19th century. 

The Revival of Signet Ring Trend Among the Youth Today

From Prince Charles to Elvis Presley and DJ Khaled, numerous celebrities have made the signet ring an extremely eminent piece of men’s accessories. However, it has also been spotted on the stylish fingers of many divas, such as Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, and Pippa Middleton, amongst other female celebrities. After all, don’t we look at such revered icons for some style inspiration?

Quite raved about currently, one can style these versatile, fashion-forward jewelry pieces with almost everything. As their designs are modified to suit both men and women, they look equally good with tuxedos as with resplendent gowns to smart casuals. For women, especially, these rings come in more elegant frames. With their powerful, authoritative appeal, it might not be an exaggeration to call them a wonderful style statement for those inclined to androgynous dressing. Fathom a modern-day independent woman, flaunting a business pant suit to work, and accessorizing her look with a unique signet ring on her finger. Quite explicitly screams of her ‘I mean business’ aura even before she enters the room. With adding a tinge of your individual taste to styling these rings, you can blend in your personality seamlessly and leave a mark of your presence wherever you go.  

‘Seal’ Of Approval: Our Top Signet Ring Recommendations for You

As they have received a relatively warm welcome from fashion aficionados globally, a signet ring will make you feel both bold and beautiful. Primarily engraved at the flat slope in the center, they come in round, oval, and octagon shapes. If you are enticed into its uniqueness and wish to purchase a glorious signet ring for yourself, then our recommendations will surely guide you in the right direction.


A jewel filled with innate character, these fashion statements celebrate the unflinching strength and grit of the modern woman. Busy conquering the world in her own right while shattering several social and cultural barriers, women today can achieve anything. These rings emanate an aura of timeless grace and sophistication while paying homage to new-age power dressing.

Keeping up with the changing times, this 14K Yellow Gold Pinky Signet Ring embellished with diamond halo beautifully makes way for the rise of gender-fluid fashion. Adding a tender charm to an otherwise masculine design, this ring screams girl power like no other.

Signet Ring Designs for women

This customized Bujukan signet ring is the ideal choice for all our minimalist patrons, who enjoy the surreal aspects of life. Believing that less is truly more, this 14K yellow gold ring makes for a versatile accessory for everyday wear.

Signet Ring Designs for women

An alluring depiction of true love, this 14K Yellow Gold Heart Signet Ring will surely melt you with its inherent charm and scintillating persona. Celebrating the excitement of being ‘heads over heels’ in love, isn’t this the perfect gift to spoil your better half with?

Signet Ring Designs for women

Boasting a bold, stand-alone spirit, this 14K Yellow Gold Signet Ring with a Twisted Rope frame pays tribute to the warrior-like women who are unabashedly fearless and live their dream every day. Disintegrating stereotypes, this signet ring will look equally mystical with your glamorous haute couture or business formals.  

Signet Ring Designs for women

Regally illuminating with numerous pavé diamonds encircling the 14K White gold Baguette, this luxurious signet ring all things royal! As pop star Rihanna’s popular song goes, it is meant for the woman who knows how to ‘shine bright like a diamond!’

Signet Ring Designs for women

Taking a cue from the erstwhile era, this Sterling Silver Diamond Bujukan ring redefines the idea of owning your individuality and irresistible appeal. Like olden times, you, too, can engrave your initials on the ring and take pride in your legacy, thereby professing some self-love.

Signet Ring Designs for women

Doesn’t this Bujukan Mystic Eye Lady’s Sterling Silver Ring pavéd with Blue Sapphire and diamonds allude an ethereal depiction of the adage, ‘eyes are the window to the soul’. A storehouse of different emotions, this signet ring showcases the various shades of our personality splendidly.  

Signet Ring Designs for women

This Sterling Silver Diamond Bujukan Star Lady’s Ring evokes a sense of lovingness, determination, and fascination. The signet ring honors the various facets of contemporary women who are a striking embodiment of all these qualities. Yes, she loves unconditionally, but when aligned with a strong purpose, she is a force to reckon with.  

Signet Ring Designs for women


Signet rings no longer denote the power demarcations and male supremacy as prevalent in society in older times. Instead, they commemorate the substantial, chivalry-laden men of today. While they treat women as equals, they are not afraid to persevere and be authentic to themselves. To them, we salute with love! Moreover, to all the dapper men out there, women are definitely attracted to your mysterious charm and immaculate grooming- all of which a signet ring denotes.

Signet Ring Designs for Men

Embellished with an octagonal cluster of pave black spinel stones against the contrasting sterling silver wide band, this signet ring transforms men’s fashion completely. The black stones look glamorous while adding a tinge of appealing curiosity. Style it with your best power suit, or blazer, and a watch, and you’re ready to make heads turn.  

Signet Ring Designs for Men

This 14K Yellow Gold Lion Head Ring is an exquisite piece for a ferocious man whose style cannot be tamed. A signature piece to possess, the lion’s headset against the backdrop of the 14K illuminating yellow gold band represents a sense of relentless power, protection, and grandeur.

Signet Ring Designs for Men

Resonating with one’s faith, this sterling silver ornamental cross reaffirms one’s beliefs in their values and principles. Meant for a man who is true to himself, he has the power to overcome any hurdles and challenges while maintaining his balance and vigor.

Signet Ring Designs for Men

Encrusted with numerous pave diamonds, the contrasting 14K yellow gold background blends in beautifully. It makes for an ideal signet ring for men, which validates the everlasting bond with their partner filled with pure love and growth.  

Whether you wear it individually or stack a few together, signet rings let you embrace your individuality magically. As they effortlessly transcend from day to night, casual to formal attires, signet rings are here to stay! As a parting thought, maybe they have still clasped onto the norm of being an identifier, perhaps with a 21st-century swirl to it? More of your defining style signature than a mere stamp of authority.  

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