The Difference Between a Wedding Ring and an Engagement Ring

Weddings and betrothals are rich with tradition and symbolism. Two of the most prominent symbols associated with these exciting milestones are wedding and engagement rings. What many people don’t realize until they think about taking these steps is that the two rings have different purposes and meanings. Today we’ll clear up any confusion around these two terms so you can shop with confidence.


An engagement ring is presented from one partner to another when proposing marriage, while wedding rings are usually exchanged by both partners during a wedding ceremony.


Engagement rings are generally the more elaborate of the two rings. An engagement ring’s focal point is the center stone, most commonly a diamond, though other precious gemstones are also used. Wedding rings tend to be simpler, and a woman’s wedding ring should ideally complement her engagement ring.

Price Point:

Engagement rings are usually the bigger expense. This is due in large part to the center stone, which is often purchased separately from the setting (the metal framework that the center stone is mounted in).

Engagement rings and wedding rings do share some things in common. Both are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, also known as the ring finger. The wedding band is usually layered below the engagement rings, making it closer to the heart. After the wedding, some people choose to have the engagement and wedding rings soldered together so they are permanently connected.

A vintage-inspired solitaire engagement ring designed for a round cut center stone. Chevron engraving and milgrain borders adorn both the wedding and engagement rings, creating a unified look across this classic bridal set.

The dashing, modern 3 stone engagement ring features an eye-catching round halo and a duo of pear shaped side stones. The matching wedding band is crafted with a straight silhouette and encrusted with a row of pavé diamonds for added sparkle.

With its standout silhouette, this vintage inspired bridal set is a cut above the rest. The engagement ring showcases a magnificent geometric halo with round and baguette diamonds inspired by the Art Deco era. The singular shape requires a unique wedding band, so we created one with a geometric extension that sits flush around the halo and boasts additional pavé diamonds for good measure.

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