Engagement Rings in Peoria

Engagement Rings in Peoria

Choosing an engagement ring is not a simple thing, as it is a very special symbol not only for those who receive it but also for those who give it. 

Proposing means experiencing strong emotions that will be remembered for a lifetime, and sealing a promise of love, which will hopefully last for eternity.

The most important attribute of life together starts with the engagement ring. You can do without a wedding ceremony, veil, bouquet, and dress, but you will certainly mark your new commitment with an engagement ring and later a wedding ring. 

By fitting a ring on the hand of your second half, you perform the most intimate ritual. Engagement rings bind two fates firmly and for a long time, ideally, until death. 

An engagement ring is one of the most important objects for a woman. In fact, in the course of her life, a woman admires her engagement ring more than a million times. Finding the one ring to amaze a beloved can be complex and the man, at times, can find the task a daunting one.  

The symbology of boundless love is one of the true meanings of engagement rings. In ancient times, the ring was considered a talisman: putting it on the hand of a loved one protected them from everything bad and hostile. 

This is why engagement rings are so important and a union without them is generally unthinkable.

Our Selection

If you are in Peoria, Illinois, Gabriel & Co. has a sophisticated and broad selection of engagement rings waiting for you. Our varied styles are expertly crafted, and they vary from the traditional to contemporary options. 

Solitaire engagement rings are classics and can come in yellow, rose, and white gold, they are topped with a diamond which can be of different sizes, based on your budget. Our solitary rings symbolize endless love, like the diamond set on them. 

There are of course other types of gorgeous rings that can be perfect to your loved one. Our trilogy rings have three precious stones and a beautiful meaning behind each one of them.  

You can also incorporate richness in all angles of your engagement ring by opting for an eternity ring with a continuous streak of precious stones that symbolizes never-ending love. 

For showstoppers, you can choose a setting with more than three diamonds or decide on an engagement ring surrounded by stones.  

Bypass rings with one in front of the other are very delicate and genuine. We have them in two diamonds or colored stones, and in a diamond and a colored stone, such as sapphire, ruby, or other precious stones.   

No matter what your soon-to-be-wife preferences are or her style, we have the engagement ring to make her think of you every time it catches her eyes. 

Our professionals are well equipped to help you make a confident and glamourous acquisition. Gabriel & Co. Peoria store is a must go for the engagement ring of a lifetime.  

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