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Ten years ago, few in America had heard of him. And then suddenly, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé, two women any designer would be thrilled to dress, started showing up on red carpets in these shapely incredibly feminine, elaborately embroidered gowns created by this guy whose name was unfamiliar, even to many fashion insiders. However, the clothes were so resplendent, it didn’t take long for other stars as notable as Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston, Priyanka Chopra, Celine Dion, Kerry Washington, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Jane Fonda to choose him as well, and now every woman who loves pretty clothes knows Zuhair Murad is the man to go to when you want to feel like a siren, or look like a princess. Anything but a minimalist, to Lebanese born Murad, every evening is opening night. So we got our best diamonds just for him.


HR: If you had to categorize your talent and your creative goals?

ZM: My mission is simply to make women feel radiant and confident in what they wear. Every woman deserves their own type of “red carpet moment” and I design my clothes to make them feel that way.

HR: What is the key to helping a woman feel glamourous?

ZM: The key to feeling glamorous is to be unique, especially for a special occasion. I design for women who appreciate Couture, which is a very special art that celebrates glamour and luxury. Women who love fashion at this level strive to stand out.

HR: You’ve never had a big ad campaign or courted media attention and yet stars as epic as Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez are so loyal to you. What keeps bringing them back?

ZM: They recognize that the intricate beading and luxurious fabrics we use in my collections guarantee that they will further stand out on the red carpet, and they also appreciate that these elements set the tone for an unforgettable moment. Who doesn’t want to be unforgettable?

Jewelry can also help create a woman’s signature look. Whether it is layered necklaces or multiple rings. You can define your own personal style through jewelry and Gabriel fine jewelry offers that.
- Zuhair Murad

HR: It’s an ever-changing world, but do women ever outgrow their desire to look feminine?

ZM: Whenever there’s a special occasion, women will always want to feel elegant and feminine. I doubt and I hope that they will never grow out of that desire. And I also believe they want to be noticed, which is why I’m so proud my designs help create those unique moments.

HR: Not every woman gets a red-carpet moment. How do you adapt such flamboyance and drama to more real-life occasions?

ZM: Because I design to instill confidence and to appeal to each women’s individuality, I think my clothes can create a special moment for any type of occasion, especially in my ready-to-wear which you photographed, that includes separates, cocktail and casual full length looks.

HR: How is a bridal gown a different kind of dress? What should a woman look for to make herself feel so special?

ZM: When women choose their bridal gowns, they want to create a singular moment as they walk down the aisle. I am very proud of designing convertible silhouettes that allow brides to easily transform their look. Because she can easily change between the ceremony and the reception by removing an overskirt or cape, the bride gets the opportunity to make a special entrance for both moments of the wedding.

HR: With clothing that has so much impact, what is the best way to accessorize it with jewelry?

ZM: As you’ve shown in this Gabriel & Co. photoshoot, a dress with a lot of embellishments and tulle, needs more smaller and more subtle jewelry like the Gabriel fine jewelry pieces the model is wearing, whereas a simpler chiffon gown allows for much more dramatic statement pieces.

HR: Do you think jewelry is an essential part, even in an everyday wardrobe, and if so, why?

ZM: Of course, jewelry is what completes every outfit. Whether it’s a statement necklace, a simple but distinctive bracelet, or even an unusual ring can help elevate or complete an ensemble. Jewelry can also help create a woman’s signature look. Women become known for wearing certain types of jewelry, whether it is layered necklaces or multiple rings. You can define your own personal style through jewelry and Gabriel fine jewelry offers that.