Foster Jewelers
Northampton , PA


Foster Jewelers has been family owned and operated for over 70 years in our Northampton community.  Foster ‘Fuzzy’ G. Longenbach founded the shop in 1947 and eventually partnered new employee John Schneck to grow the business with professional jewelry training.  John Schneck attended Bowman Technical Jewelry School to expand on his knowledge and to become a certified professional in the jewelry repair trade for over 35 years.  John and his wife Lucy eventually took over Foster Jewelers when it came time for Foster ‘Fuzzy’ Longenbach to retire.  Today, Foster Jewelers is home to beautiful designer collections from diamond engagement rings, gemstones, fashion jewelry, and watches to in-house repairs and remounts.  If your jewelry is in need of routine inspections or remounting services, come in to Foster Jewelers and let one of our friendly staff members help you.



1859 Main St., Northampton, PA, 18067 (610) 262 4068
  • Free Consultation
  • Identification Number
  • Warranty Program
  • Shop confidently
  • Free Cleaning
Warranty Program

We take immeasurable pride in the quality and
precision of our jewelry:our free limited lifetime
warranty covers any necessry repairs or replacements.

Identification Number

A certification number is laser-
inscribed on the ring to ensure
authenticity and ownership.

Shop confidently

If you are not fully satisfied within 30
day, may exchange your registered item
at the original purchase location for
another ring of equal or higher value.
Service valid for one year from
purchase date.

Free Consultation

Get to know your ring before you buy it,
by shopping with one of our experienced,
family-owned and operated retail partners.

Free Cleaning

Don’t forget to have your jewelry
inspected every six months. We’re
proud to offer FREE jewelry cleaning
and inspection for any piece of jewelry.

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