Is it Worth Buying 14K Gold Jewelry?

14k gold jewelry

There has never been a woman (men included) who has not loved gold metal! Coveted both as a sound investment and a luxurious indulgence, gold jewelry never ceases to acclaim its popularity among buyers and connoisseurs alike. While 24k gold is not used to craft jewelry for its extreme softness, other variants of the metal – 22k, 18k, and 14k, are perfect. They are used to curate intricate designs and to hold heavy diamonds and other gemstones firmly.

Plain gold jewelry that does not embed any precious gemstones is crafted in glimmering 22k or 18k gold. But for designs featuring high-carat diamonds and other stones, mostly, 18k or 14k gold is used. The big question is – Is 14k gold as real as 24k gold, and is it worth spending money on 14k gold? Let’s find out.

What is 14K Gold?

Gold, in its purest form, is highly malleable. To mold it into wearable jewelry, jewelers alloy it with other compatible metals. Though it is not the original form, the alloys lend durability and sturdiness to the soft gold. That is how the gorgeous pieces we love to adorn are handcrafted!

Gold Karats signify the amount of gold present in a jewelry piece. It is total gold in 24 parts of gold, and the rest is alloy. For instance, 14K gold amalgamates 14 parts pure gold (58.3%) and ten parts other metals (41.7%). It is, as a result, more robust and affordable than 18K, 22K, or the pure 24K gold.

First used in Victorian rings in the late 19th century, 14K gold – white, yellow, or rose – has been in and out of the jewelry scene since then.

– 14K White Gold – 14K white gold is the result of mixing pure gold with white metals such as silver, palladium, and nickel. A rhodium coating given to the jewelry seals that white reflective look. 14K white gold jewelry can be slightly more expensive than yellow gold, owing to its intricate manufacturing process and the presence of the additional rhodium coating.

– 14K Yellow Gold – 14K yellow gold blends pure gold with silver, copper or zinc to enhance its strength. Yellow gold looks the most like pure gold – which is why it is popular among people.

– 14K Rose Gold 14K rose gold combines pure gold with copper and silver, giving it its rosy lustrous shine. Rose gold jewelry is trendy and considered highly romantic for its pinkish hue. Since it contains copper it is slightly more tougher than white or yellow gold but also sturdier.

14k gold jewelry

How is 14K Gold Formed?

It is a precise process to make 14K gold, which consists of pure gold and other metals. Only 14 parts of gold – out of the pure 24K – make up the precious metal portion. In a percentage format, 14 divided by 24 results in 58.3%. Thus, the remaining 41.7% includes other metals, such as silver, zinc, copper, and nickel. The gold provides its shine and precious quality, while the other metals ensure the piece is durable and wearable.

Speaking of functionality and quality, this gorgeous 14K Yellow Gold Necklace is an absolute delight to the eyes! This piece is a fine addition to your jewelry ensemble with a delicate leaf-shaped gold pendant bearing a diamond-encrusted circle in the center, highlighting the right amount of glitz and elegance.

Is 14K Gold Considered Real Gold?

If you think 14K gold is fake, banish that thought right away! Just because it is not the purest form of 24K gold doesn’t mean 14K gold is not real. It has all the gold that is essentially needed to make a gold jewelry piece! It is not 24k gold, but who said 24k gold is the best? 14k gold is the optimum constituency to be beautifully wrought into those stunning designs and hold the stones firmly.

Which is Better - 14K or 18K Gold?

For comparison, 18k gold consists of 75% gold while 14k has roughly 59%. These percentages make 18K gold way more expensive than its 14k counterpart. However, there are a lot of other factors to influence your decision other than just the price point. There is look and feel, durability and style.

18K gold jewelry is softer and more delicate and may not be ideal for everyday wear or carefree handling. But with more alloyed metals, 14k gold offers more durability. It is lightweight and conducive for daily wear. Not surprisingly, 14k gold is the metal of choice for engagement and wedding rings, as it is for this stunning, glamorous pair of yellow gold huggie drop earrings. The link chain design bestows it with a vibrant touch, while the yellow gold ups the ante with its bright elegance.

There are days joyous, days gloomy, and days when we need to dress to the hilt to perk us up. The ravishing and refined shine of gold is all we need to brighten our mood and our looks. While 14k gold appears relatively sober and muted in its shine when kept next to 18k gold, it looks stunning on its own. If your tastes push you to a more subdued and understated shine in your jewelry yet retain the traditional yellow gold color, then 14k is the metal for you!

Finally, there is no right answer to which is better – 14k or 18k gold. Some prefer 14K gold jewelry over 18K – and vice versa. But if you want to bask in the gold shimmer of your jewelry every day forever, 14K gold is the way to go!

How Much is 14K Gold Worth Today?

As the price of gold – and other precious metals – is determined at the stock exchange, the price constantly fluctuates. Pure 24k gold is currently around $1802.35 per ounce (August 2022). That means 14K gold is worth $1054.37 as of now. One ounce equals 28 grams roughly.

But finding out the worth of your 14K gold jewelry is a tad bit more complicated than that. Prepare your brain to decode the mathematics that will follow! You see, while an ounce establishes 24 gold’s cost, grams determine the price of karat jewelry. One troy ounce (a unit used to weigh gold) equals 28 grams roughly. So, if pure gold sells for $1802.35 per ounce, then a gram of gold karat jewelry will go up to $64.

The actual cost of any 14K gold jewelry has varied determining aspects – gold karat weight,  diamond or other precious stones weight, stone’s quality, and the craftmanship charges. For example, the below breathtaking 14k white gold diamond bracelet is expensive (but so worth it!) Why? Because it is made in 14K white gold and covered with 7.00 ct diamonds. Needless to say, the fine nuances of the craftsmanship speak for themselves!

Does 14K Gold Fade?

14K gold lasts a substantially long time, if not forever. The amount of gold present averts the possibility of any tarnishing for many years to come. The other metals, silver and zinc serve their desired purpose perfectly – that is, to make the metal stronger and more durable. This keeps any wear and unintended scratches at bay. With its rhodium polish, the 14k white gold bears its polished shine even longer than the yellow and rose gold. This classy and chic 14k yellow gold tennis bracelet is a marvel. The cuban chain design makes the gold shine daintily – and with its 14k gold composition, the piece won’t show any signs of fade or tarnish, even when worn regularly.

How Should You Clean 14K Gold?

Much like every jewelry piece, 14K gold jewelry needs a thorough cleaning. But unlike other jewelry, it is easier to clean. One of the best ways to clean 14K gold jewelry at home is to soak it in a mixture of dish soap and warm water. If it is still unclean, use a soft-bristled brush to scrub it gently. Wipe down the jewelry once it is clean with a soft cotton cloth. That should be enough!

If you wear your 14K gold jewelry daily, you should clean it at least once a month or when it starts looking dull. Get it cleaned professionally once a year to enhance its shine like a new, off-the-shelf jewelry piece and camouflage light scratches, if any!

Does 14K Gold Last a Lifetime?

Jewelry is meant to be your companion forever! And thankfully, 14K Gold jewelry falls into that category. The non-gold metals in the jewelry allow greater protection from wear and tear while the gold shines with almost pure-gold luster. This roughly translates to – your 14K gold jewelry will last you a lifetime, and then some more.

That luster and lifetime presence are captured well in our 14K Yellow Gold Necklace. Dangling from the chain is a gold leaf pendant, with a flexible design. What’s more, the leaf acts exactly like a real one!

How To Tell If Your Jewelry is in 14K Gold?

Goldsmiths have a crucial responsibility – to stamp their jewelry with indicators mentioning the gold’s purity. 14k gold jewelry also has its karat marks, in the form of a tiny ‘14K’ or ‘14Kt’ engraved on the piece’s surface. Sometimes, the jewelry has the number 583 (showing the percentage of gold) etched in it. If there are no visible indicators on the jewelry, it is better to get it examined by professionals.

At Gabriel & Co, each jewelry piece has a specific product style number that enunciates its attributes. Also, the gold karat is clearly stamped on the insides of the product to maintain absolute transparency.

These Huggie earrings in 14k white gold bear a fancy vibe that resonates well with modern women. Wear them to the workplace, for brunch, or an evening soiree; they are sure to stand out with their refined sparkle.

Can You Wear 14K Gold Jewelry in The Shower?

Most people love wearing their jewelry constantly – not even removing it while sleeping or showering. If you align with this league, then 14k gold is wonderful for you. We do not recommend wearing any jewelry to the shower, let alone 14k gold, but if you happen to, by chance, your jewelry won’t endure any damage. 14k gold is safe in the water, but you should worry about the shine. Years of repeated exposure to water diminish the jewelry’s shine, making it look lackluster and like a knock-off piece.

FINAL WORD - Is 14K Gold Worth Buying?

This beautiful wide band ring forged in 14k white-yellow gold is a perfect example. The bujukan band, with its shimmering diamonds and golden beads, is an absolute dream!


This beautiful wide band ring forged in 14k white-yellow gold is a perfect example. The bujukan band, with its shimmering diamonds and golden beads, is an absolute dream!

14K gold jewelry is all graceful and effortless, but there is more to its merit than a mere karat figure. A 14K gold jewelry piece bears the marks of hard work, vitality, and beauty, binding your look with a timeless charm. At this point, do you really think 14K gold jewelry is not worth buying? If yes, we urge you to read this blog again – if not, then you are at the right place. Discover and shop stunning 14k gold jewelry at Gabriel & Co.!

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