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Not only does Gabriel & Co. offer fine jewelry every day, we are now offering an inside look into the minds of the most celebrated bridal and ready-to-wear designers in the fashion industry through Gabriel & Co.’s new Designer Flash website feature and podcasts. Every month, Gabriel & Co.’s Global Style Director, Hal Rubenstein, will sit down with a different designer to discuss their current and highly personal take on both bridal style and real-life style.

DESIGNER FLASH focuses on a very special artist I think you’re going to enjoy learning more about. Co-owner who is the Senior Vice President and Chief Design Officer - Dominick Gabriel, has been creating jewelry all of his adult life. But for him, it’s less about continuing a family tradition, than it is an organic extension of Dominick’s passion for discovering and reinterpreting beauty, his adoration for his wife, his eagerness to celebrate and elevate romance, and his hope that the history and the heart that surrounds and burnishes every piece of fine jewelry will generate recurring moments of happiness. READ MORE & WATCH THE PODCAST >>

The man’s name and image are now as American and probably more familiar than Huckleberry Finn’s. Tommy Hilfiger is quintessentially and most unapologetically, red, white and blue, just like Old Glory flying over a county fair on the 4th of July. And yet, the Hilfiger brand at 35, exudes a time defying exuberance, expanding its global reach with the freshness of a just posted Snapchat, thanks to the designer’s unshakeable faith in reinvention, refusal to take fashion too seriously, and ingenious ways of exciting its ever-growing customer base. READ MORE & WATCH THE PODCAST >>

If you haven’t heard of him, you should (which of course, is why DESIGNER FLASH is here.) Adam Lippes creates clothes for real life. His fabrics are simply wonderful. You’ll wish your favorite robe felt this good. His designs brighten your mood the moment you take them out of your closet, and they slide across your body like an unexpected caress. Sound seductive? It is.


For eight years, we have witnessed one woman command with world stage, unfailingly exuding the essence of graciousness, the poise that accompanies self-awareness, a fearlessly exuberant style as enviable as it is relatable, and dazzling everyone with a special brand of radiance that only a grown woman who has lived an eventful life can possess.


Mark Badgley and James Mischka are blessed with a gift- they are able to design dresses that make a woman feel like she is the only one worth looking at. So, it’s no wonder Kate Winslet, Taylor Swift, Helen Mirren and Carrie Underwood are photographed in their glorious gowns on the red carpet.


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