10 Affordable Engagement Rings – Love Has No Price Tag!

Affordable Engagement Rings

“Cos we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl,” crooned Madonna as she channeled Marylin Monroe’s look in the iconic ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ number. Where jewels – especially diamonds – are concerned, we’d have to agree that more is always more! However, contrary to Madonna’s view, love really has no price tag and can’t be measured in carats and cuts. Let’s say an extravagant diamond ring doesn’t fit into your overall budget. Or you don’t want to start your life as a married couple in debt (understandably!). An affordable engagement ring really is the way to go. Who says jewelry with a lighter price tag cannot be beautiful or meaningful? If you are mindful of the right filters while selecting, an affordable ring looks stunning without burning a hole in your pocket. Have we piqued your interest already? Keep reading. You, and your finances, will soon be thanking us for this.

What Is the Definition of an Affordable Engagement Ring?

This is a tough one, even for us. There is no real agreement on what constitutes an ‘affordable’ ring. Affordable is relative, as different people earn, spend and perceive money differently. We presume that you don’t aspire for a ring like Mariah Carey’s or Blake Lively’s in your endeavor. Having said that, there is no ‘right amount’ one needs to spend on an engagement ring. First and foremost, an engagement ring is a symbol of your love and commitment to one another. It should be treated as such and not as a status symbol. Generally, across the country, an affordable engagement ring costs an average of $2,000. In fact, 10 percent of people choose rings around that pricing. So to give you a ballpark, rings ranging anywhere from $1,500 to about $2,500, depending on your budget, are considered fairly and widely affordable. Typically, anything over $3,500 is touted above the affordable mark. Discuss your budget with your partner before you decide on an engagement ring. Ensure you’re both aware of your finances and how much to apportion for which bits of the wedding. This also builds confidence in each other’s decision-making prowess and financial management.

Here’s a classic ring crafted from 14k white gold, with a thin band and round cut solitaire engagement ring. Perfect for the no-fuss classic bride who loves being understated, pick up this affordable ring for $675 (setting cost, center stone not included).

Priced at $725 (setting cost, center stone not included), look at how the contours of this band wrap your center stone in a warm embrace. A contemporary piece that highlights a round cut solitaire, this is perfect for the millennial or Gen Z bride who wants to make a statement.

Flaunt this 14k white-yellow gold diamond engagement ring that fits an oval-cut diamond. Priced at $750 (setting cost, center stone not included), this ring is sure to add king-size sparkle to your finger.

Is an Affordable Engagement Ring a Compromise on the Quality?

Only if you’re making ignorant buying decisions sans any knowledge or suitable guidance! An affordable ring doesn’t mean you have to buy a bad-quality stone or a cheaper metal. Yes, you have to make peace with the fact that you can’t possibly have the finest of everything if you’re on a budget. So, if the metal choice is pricier, opt for a tinier diamond. Or, if you want a higher carat diamond, you need to give a little leeway on the cut and clarity. Figure out which of the 4Cs is most important to you, and base your decisions around that. Please remember, this doesn’t mean you’re settling. It just means you’re prioritizing – a cardinal skill for jewelry shopping and life in general! Don’t look at what the average American spends on an engagement ring, roughly $5,000-$6,000. Instead, focus on what you want to afford and shop smartly within that budget. Balance is the key. Half the battle is won if you know your choices and how to balance them.

As dainty and delicate as a flower, this 14k white gold engagement ring is priced at $850 (setting cost, center stone not included) and fits a round cut 1-carat diamond.

A 14k yellow gold band holding a brilliant round cut 1-carat diamond in a prong setting. Priced at $775 (setting cost, center stone not included), it is perfect for the old-fashioned bride who wants her solitaire to take the spotlight.

What are the Alternatives to An Expensive Diamond Engagement Ring?

That expensive diamond might be desirable, even aspirational. But trust us, it isn’t the only befitting thing for your engagement ring finger. Ask Kate Middleton, who seems perfectly happy with her heirloom sapphire. Or Emma Stone, who brandishes around a rather high-maintenance pearl in her ring. Swapping your diamond center stone for another gemstone is always prudent to reduce costs. Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds come under the category of precious stones but tend to be more affordable than diamonds of a similar cut and clarity. Black and yellow diamonds aren’t generally as pricey as their clear, white counterparts. But they exert their own singular clout with beauty and enchantment that makes you feel equally unique. If you want to bring down your engagement ring cost by a fair notch, you can also look towards incorporating semi-precious stones into your ring. Amethysts, aquamarines, topaz, and garnets are some of the beautiful gemstones that add color and zing to your finger and life without depleting your bank balance. And if you pick your birthstone as your engagement ring stone, you have made a remarkable style statement, and hold kudos to yourself for that.

This ring oozes vintage glamor, set in 14k white-yellow gold with a split shank. With milgrain detailing and 0.07 worth of diamonds along the shank, it is a steal at $1,050 (setting cost, center stone not included).

Affordable Engagement Rings

Add some color to your engagement ring with this white gold band in a three-stone setting. Two sapphires flank the diamond center stone, all for a breezy $1,075 (setting cost, center stone not included).

What Changes Can Help Bring Down the Price Tag of an Engagement Ring?

Has it happened that you zeroed down on the perfect ring, only to read the price tag and discover it is way out of your apportioned budget? Luckily for you, it isn’t the end of the world. Similar rings can be recreated at a fraction of the cost with a few simple changes. Firstly, remember that your center stone costs the most, and the price is very often led by how many carats it is. Buying something slightly below your desired carat weight but not noticeable size-wise can save you a packet. If you want to buy a 1-carat stone, a 0.90-carat one works just as well. Diamond shapes go a long way in making your stone look bigger than it is. So choose an oval cut or pear cut, which are generally cheaper than a round cut but boast a more spread-out countenance. It’s a win-win!

Are you the bride who loves all things avant garde and asymmetrical? This split shank engagement ring in 14k yellow gold is priced at $1,150 (setting cost, center stone not included) and fits a 1 carat round cut diamond.

If you can’t splurge on a large diamond, it doesn’t mean your ring needs to be small! This perfect split shank design features two slim strands in polished 14k yellow gold, and one thicker band that is textured. Be prepared to shell out $1,475 (setting cost, center stone not included) for this beautiful offering.

What Aspects to Not Compromise On?

While carat, clarity, and color can be compromised to some extent, based on your preferences, we advise you to hold on to the last of the 4Cs – CUT. Why? The cut is responsible for how brilliant your diamond is, how it interacts with light, and how it sparkles and bathes you in a radiant glow. What happens when you compromise on a cut? Your diamond has limited brilliance and does not gleam like an authentic diamond! The better the cut quality with more facets, the brighter your diamond shines. Round-cut diamonds are the most brilliant but ask for a more refined and precise cut of whichever shape you choose. Prefer a diamond that is graded Excellent or Ideal for its cut.

We also advise you against compromising on the engagement ring metal. Other than gold and platinum, most other metals are not at par. Not only is the former a sound investment, but they’re also extremely sturdy and timelessly elegant. If platinum is way out of reach, then gold is your go-to metal. All three variants – yellow, rose and white gold – come with their own beauty and charm. Perhaps you can defer to 14k gold instead of 18k. These are not just less expensive but sturdier since the softer gold is mixed with a harder alloy. We dissuade you from gravitating towards a silver engagement ring – silver is soft and requires too much maintenance and care. Instead, palladium is a great option to deviate from gold and platinum.

This is pure classic elegance that exudes a sense of glamor. A 14k white gold round diamond engagement ring is the perfect fit for a round cut center stone. The band is paved with 0.14 carats worth of diamonds. The offering is priced at $1,325 (setting cost, center stone not included).

Is the Price Tag of Your Engagement Ring any Reflection of the Intensity of Your Love?

When you decide to marry someone, it is for who they are and how much you love each other. The size of the bank balance is secondary. Similarly, the engagement ring’s cost has nothing to do with the profoundness of your love. Had that been the case, celebrity engagements would never have been called off! You need to first set a budget and then find your ring in a streamlined manner keeping your specific set of priorities in mind. Also, an engagement ring is not just a repository of your proposal story and love-imbued moments; it is also a sound financial investment and a sentimental one if you plan to pass down your ring to future generations. Keep all this in mind before making your choice.

This glamorous design features a white gold band with 0.07 carats of diamonds studded along the shank, priced at $1,100 (setting cost, center stone not included). The center stone is an oval diamond in a prong setting.

Who wants to feel like a princess? This braided shank is encrusted with diamonds, while the center stone has a halo setting. Crafted from 14k white gold, it is priced at $1,375 (setting cost, center stone not included).

Why Choose a Gabriel & Co. Engagement Ring?

Gabriel & Co. firmly backs the belief that jewelry is all about emoting, whether you buy it for yourself or a loved one. Jewelry expresses love, warmth, and bonding. Engagement rings, especially, embody your love story – a jewelry piece you wear for the rest of your life, celebrating everything unique and special about your romance. With our engagement rings, you get precisely what you’re paying for, backed up with the proper authentication. Everything from our metals to diamonds and other gemstones is exquisite and of par superlative standards. The designs and settings are ideated, executed, and handcrafted with meticulous craftsmanship and oodles of passion and love. We understand the need for affordable rings and offer a wide selection to choose from.

Add a touch of art deco to your life, with an octagonal backdrop in 14k white gold. The shank is made from 14k yellow gold, while triangular diamond clusters flank the center stone. This stunning piece costs $1,425 (setting cost, center stone not included).

Visit Gabriel & Co. to shop for your dream engagement ring without shelling out anything more than your budget.

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