The Rich Significance Behind the April Birthstone – Diamond

Popularly referred to as a girl’s best friend, the April birthstone Diamond continues to dazzle us with its astounding beauty. At the liberty of sounding a bit extravagant, we may go as far to proclaim the stone as not just a best friend but also a woman’s forever love. When it comes to purchasing a jewelry piece, undeniably, high-quality diamonds find favor with most of us. The most scintillating stone ever known to humankind, the shining diamond crystals have a bewitching attribute that lures every heart. 

The modern birthstone classification does identify the sparkling stone as the traditional April birthstone, but the love for diamonds dates back in history to around the fourth century BCE. Interestingly, archeologists and miners worldwide believe that the formation of diamonds beneath the Earth’s surface had begun as early as 900 million years ago. And for those born in April, you just have an additional reason to fall full throttle in love with diamonds! A universally acknowledged symbol of love, romance, and an unwavering commitment, diamonds  hold the distinction of being the gifts of choice for the 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries. Read on as we unravel all the folklore, historical facts, and symbolic significance associated with this widely sought-after gemstone.

History Behind the April Birthstone, Diamond: Journey Through the Ages

Much true to its strength and resilience, the gemstone diamond derives its name from the Greek word adamas, which means “invincible”, something that can never be defeated. Historians concurred the world’s earliest acquaintance with diamonds to India. Glistening stones were found flowing in the streams and rivers of the land. These were traded off to the royalty at exorbitant prices, who developed a fetish for these charming gems at the very first glimpse. Later on, as trade expanded, Indian exporters introduced the exotic gemstone to the niche merchandising markets in Venice. Before anyone could realize it, diamonds had become a hugely valued accessory for the wealthy and affluent in Europe by the 1400s.     

The iconic Hope Diamond weighing 45.54 carats, was also originally mined in the Kollur mines in Golconda, India, in the 17th century. The stunning blue diamond that traversed through various renowned owners in history is currently preserved at the Natural Museum of Natural History in Washington DC.

After being discovered in India, as the demand for diamonds grew to frenzied proportions the world over, new mines were identified across other geographies. Over time, Brazil constituted the major contribution of diamonds for almost 150 years during the early 1600s. During the 19th century, high-quality diamonds in huge volumes were mined from the Kimberley area in South Africa, making it a leader in diamond supplies. The world’s largest diamond weighing 3,106 carats was unearthed from South Africa’s Premier Mine in 1905. The huge rock was later cut, creased, and polished into a 530-carat drop-shaped diamond that came to be known as the Cullinan I Diamond and popularized by the name of the ‘Great Star of Africa’. Another diamond, the Cullinan II Diamond, carved from the same rock, is slightly smaller and christened the ‘Lesser Star of Africa’.   

History records the first diamond engagement ring given to Mary of Burgundy by Archduke Maximillian of Austria in 1477. With such a noteworthy historical repertoire, no wonder the remarkable diamond stone continues to fascinate us. Thankfully, it is accessible to many more of us and not just confined to the super-rich and elite.

April Birthstone Diamond

Symbolism – The Meaning and Beliefs Behind the Precious Diamond Stones

If you view diamonds as only precious, sparkling crystals in your jewelry, it is time to revise your thoughts about the stone. Diamonds have held a deep meaning through the ages, and the profound symbolism only adds to their value. As the strongest material ever, diamond epitomizes strength, grit, and perseverance. If you are someone with low self-esteem or fleeting notions about your personality, wear a diamond to strengthen your instincts.    

During the Middle Ages, fancy diamond crystals were believed to have miraculous healing powers over the human body. Sleeping with a few crystals by your bedside could pull out harmful toxins from the body that hamper a healthy state of being. Carrying a few crystals in a cloth bundle was believed to relieve one of the pituitary ailments and brain dysfunction. 

For some good reason, the gorgeous gemstone is unequivocally used in engagement rings, and wedding rings the world over. True to their transparent lustrous appearance, diamonds are believed to ward off the malevolent intents and evil forces that may be crippling one’s life. And finally, a symbol of love, compassion, and commitment, the diamond magnificently epitomizes the emotion till death do us apart.

The April Birthstone Collection at Gabriel & Co.

Aiming to provide superlative diamond jewelry to the world, the team at Gabriel & Co. is particular about picking the exacting diamonds that rank high on the holy grail 4 C’s. Precise craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail lend a striking final shape to the beautiful designs. Born in April or fancy gifting a loved one this beautiful April birthstone? We suggest you leaf through the stunning diamond jewelry collection at Gabriel & Co., listing a few of our bestselling pieces that might intrigue your interest.

This White Gold Starburst Necklace is your match if you feel star stuck every time you look high up to the glittering night sky. While the inclusion of diamonds makes it an apt April Birthstone jewel, the star motif fittingly inspires one to aim for nothing but the stars. Elegant but high on style, the pendant necklace features 0.23-carat diamonds in a 14K white gold star setting encrusted with precision. The white gold link chain holds the star perfectly in the center as the latter captivates all eyes or stargazes, if we may.  

April Birthstone Diamond
April Birthstone Diamond

For our fashion-forward style connoisseurs, we take pride in presenting to you these 14K White Gold Diamond Double Huggie Earrings. The beautifully designed earrings featuring 0.70ct diamonds give out a sophisticated, minimal vibe, looking discerningly graceful with almost every outfit. Given the accentuated visual impact these earrings create with the double loop, transition this pair from a day to night, or a formal to casual, look with unbelievable ease. Whether worn on a girlfriend’s brunch date or a romantic dinner night with your partner, compliments galore shall head your way.  

True to traditional aesthetics, the April Birthstone diamond perpetuates its brightest glory when encrusted in yellow gold metal. The 14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead Cuff Bracelet looks ethereal with the varying sizes of the gold beads and diamond stations positioned adjacent to each other. This classic yet modern design is a must-have for lovers of traditional jewelry with a hint of contemporary undertones. Marking its understated but noticeable presence on your wrist, the sleek bracelet is an amalgamation of good looks with functionality. Gift it to a loved one for the April Birthday, and your tastes in fine jewelry would be much applauded by all means.

April Birthstone Diamond
April Birthstone Diamond

As the April birthstone diamond signifies unfailing grit and determination, the crisscrossing design of this ring motivates one to embrace changes and tread unchartered paths. The intertwining of the old with the new, the familiar with the unknown, often opens doors to wondrous opportunities. And the modernized design of the beautiful 14K White Gold Criss Crossing Layered Diamond Ring reiterates those possibilities, though sheathed in the language of beauty. As it features 1.17ct of shimmering diamonds, this ring is worthy of swooning your wife with a surprise on your 60th or 75th wedding anniversary.  

Caring and cleaning the April Birthstone, Diamond

Diamond, faring well on the Moh’s scale of hardness with the perfect 10, is not just the hardest gemstone of all but also the hardest natural substance known. It is said that only a diamond can bear scratches or cut another diamond. Cutting and shaping a diamond stone requires diamond–bladed tools and equipment to help with the process, apart from special lasers.

A fairly durable jewel, diamonds are easy to maintain. To preserve its luster and brilliance, use a lint-free cloth to wipe off the dust from time to time. One may use a mild soap wash or jewelry cleaning solutions and lukewarm water for a thorough cleaning at home. For professional cleaning, given the toughness of the stone, it is feasible to treat them with ultrasonic cleaners. However, if your diamond contains inclusions or has been treated for its color or shine, one should refrain from putting them under any lasers. It is best advised to hand over your precious diamond jewelry to a professional cleaner for a safe cleaning experience and to maintain the untampered radiance of your diamonds forever.

April Birthstone Diamond

Interesting Facts – Know your Diamonds Better!

1. Botswana is known as the world’s ‘Diamond Hub’, with almost 44 percent of the natural diamonds being valued and sorted there.

2. Some interesting ancient theories believe diamonds are the ‘God’s tears’ and the physical form of lightning once it strikes Earth.

3. Natural diamonds are colorless and colored; the usual color hues are black, blue, green, purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow. The color of the diamond depends on the type and volumes of inclusions present in the diamond. For instance, traces of nitrogen imbue a yellow color, while the presence of boron saturates the diamond with a blue color.

4. Though the most common is the transparent, colorless diamonds with a brilliant shine, colored diamonds are better valued and priced.

5. The blue, green, and red color variations of diamond are extremely rare and precious and hence, exorbitantly priced.

6. In Sanskrit, diamond is also called vajra, which means lightning. For the same reason, diamonds are rightly touted as the king of all gemstones, as vajra was the weapon of Hindu lord Indra, the ‘King of all Gods’.

7. Made of 99.9 percent carbon, diamonds are one of the purest gemstones. They are formed almost 120 kilometers beneath the Earth’s surface when carbon is naturally subjected to extreme temperatures and pressure conditions.

8. Over time, precious diamonds are pushed over to the Earth’s surface or just in close proximity by turbulent volcanic activity.

9. Diamonds are a miner’s good fortune. The proportions are to the tune of 1 diamond to 1 million parts rock in a diamond mine’s yield.

10. Evaluated on the 4 Cs of cut, clarity, color, and carat, diamonds are the most sought-after and loved gemstones for all worldwide populations. 

April Birthstone Diamond

We all love diamonds undeniably, but if its symbolism has left you further enchanted, Gabriel & Co. has an exquisite collection of luxurious jewelry featuring fine diamonds of the world. There is a design to suit every taste and desire, from elaborate diamond engagement rings, classic diamond wedding bands to stunning diamond earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. 

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