Gabriel & Co.’s Ten Jewelry Essentials

Always Have a Shine On

The Little Black Dress,  The Crisp White Button Down, The Pencil Skirt, The Belted Trench, The Leather20_024 Motocross Jacket, The High Heeled Boot, and the Ballet Flat. These are just some of the trusted elements that every woman can rely on when building a ready-for-anything wardrobe.  Well, at Gabriel& Co, we believe in the power and persuasion of wearing Fine Jewelry Everyday, so what better way to make that effortless reality than to create a wardrobe of jewelry essentials as well.  However, since our online catalogue of options is as staggering as it is appealing, we thought it be best to guide you in determining what 10 pieces you absolutely need in your jewelry box.

Style #: EG12645T44JJ

Most women have their ears pierced by the time they are 3 months old, so it’s not surprising why stud earrings are at the top of our list.  From a timeless diamond stud, to birthstones, to elaborately mixed metals, choose a favorite pair.

The hoop may be the sexiest earring that goes with simply everything. From T-shirt and jeans, to a strapless velvet gown, the same hoop can go sky high or so low. The only question is, how big a hoop are you comfortable wearing on a regular basis.  Be sure to take in account, the length of your hair, daily activities, the weight of the hoop, yourmodal-left particular facial features (the stronger and more dramatic, the wider the hoop, whereas delicate features would take a thinner hoop), and does your wardrobe favor gold or silver (or white gold)?

For women who are hesitant to try a large hoop earring, the best way to understand their scale is to try them on in front of a three-way mirror.  A head on mirror distorts the scale. Gabriel & Co. also features incredible detailing inside and around some of our hoops.  If you still think it’s too much on a regular basis, don’t forget the little sister of the hoop, which is the Huggie.  Huggies are small hoops that fit closely around your ear lobe.  So while they might appear more reserved, there is something very sensual the way they “hug” the ear.

ONE SMASHING TIP YOU WILL THANK US FOR – Gabriel & Co. is the ONLY fine jeweler that offers a screwback hoop earring.  You will NEVER lose another hoop again.most-bot2

Midi rings started out as trendy pieces of jewelry but their instant acceptance and success now deems them a staple in your jewelry box. Midi’s sit on your finger above the lower knuckle. It’s a novel, just quirky enough addition to any look, either casual or smart.  Gabriel & Co. has a vast collection of midi rings. From solid gold, to diamond studded, to colored gems, midi rings not only look different, they are great conversation starters.


A striking essential, the statement ring is the final touch, the confirmation to one and all, that you heading out there looking your best.  That doesn’t mean you can’t wear it with jeans as easily as a gown. But it does mean your hair and makeup has to be flawless.  What makes Gabriel & Co. statement rings so uncommonly special is that they don’t necessarily rely on size or overwhelming volume to create impact.  Instead, our rings boast ergonomic ingenuity, unexpected geometry, and attention to incomparable detail to make their mark.

They are fun, playful, eye-catching, and intricate without being cute and one of the best ways we know to show off your individuality. Gabriel & Co. offers an unparalleled array of choices. If you can imagine it, we probably have it.  And if you can’t, we probably did it anyway.  Wear as many or as few as you like, on as many fingers as you want.  Stackables make an infinite number of one-of-a-kind combinations.

An everyday necklace is as essential as your favorite pair of stud earrings.  It’s a piece you may never take off, or one that’s so natural to wear you don’t even remember you have on!  A simple triangle pendant or, an amulet, a faceted birthstone on a chain, even a personalized initial necklace can easily become as much a part of you as your daily breath.

The timeless classic has had an update.  In fact, check out our Gabriel & Co, best-selling Demure bracelets and you immediately see the options are now so varied, graceful, and fluid, we hesitate to call them “tennis” bracelets anymore because you are going to want at least one of these even if you have never held a racquet, let alone landed a drop shot.

23_016 1Whether you wear one or half a dozen, bangles are fun.  They’re easy, musical, playful, and move with you.   What makes Gabriel & Co. bangles so wonderful is not only the incredible variety of weights, shapes, and sizes we offer, but open ones are often capped by multi-colored semi precious stones, many wide ones have hinges for easy slipping on, the body conscious sculptural diamond ones are jaw-droppingly spotlight snarers, and one can even wrap around your own wrist like a slinky.  Don’t leave home without one.

They could be two straight drops of stones, loop de loops of diamonds, jeweled feathers on movable hinges, or a sapphire centered in matching arrowhead of brilliants.  Find an earring design that combines delicacy with drama, individuality with intricacy, and whose beauty kindles a desire to call them your own.  Wear them when you feel extra special.   But that could also be a Tuesday.

Add a dash of daring, maybe even edge to your jewelry arsenal with a diamond studded wing pendant necklace, a white gold collar that wraps round your neck ending in two showers of diamonds or a spiked one like our 14k White Gold Kaslique necklace. You don’t need to change one element of your wardrobe to accommodate this singularity. In fact, the less fuss you make about wearing something so out of the ordinary, the more irresistible you are bound to look.

Gifting Without Tears by Hal Rubenstein

A couple of suggestions you can actually use year round!

Style #: LR50650W45JJ

So, have you started agonizing over your gift list yet?   Just about all of us are.  It’s like a collective reflex action that jolts us the moment the Rockefeller Center tree is lit.  But nothing is more stressful than staring at the names of people who matter the most.

Well believe it or not, you actually have more time than you think, provided you embrace the following strategy:  a plan of attack that requires your heightened awareness in order to reduce endless hours of uncertain choices.   So instead of racing to the mall, or jumping online to tear through sites…sit down, relax and read.

The key to buying the best gifts is paying attention to the people you want to please.  Turn down your own speed and volume and you will soon discover that they are constantly invoking their loves and likes, dreams and craving, wishes and wants.

In case you are a little late to this realization, it’s easy to make up for lost time.  Try flipping through a magazine with them in arm’s reach.  Show them something, an object, a store, a website, you find intriguing and invite them to stick in their two cents.   Or better yet, suggest a movie this weekend, making sure it’s playing at the multiplex in the mall, and suggest going early so you can take your time and window shop.   Find the mall’s site map on line, and make sure you plot your ‘stroll’ past the clothing, home, and most certainly, the jewelry stores that are sure to peak interest.   Take notes.  It’s that simple.

For the women reading this:

Style #’s: NK4780SVJBS & EG12521SVJBS

Don’t be coy.   Help the guy out.  He wants you to be happy. 
No, he wants you to be ecstatic.   Rave about someone’s earrings you saw on a red carpet.  Point out a bangle in a store window.  You don’t have to be obvious – no blatant outbursts of “I want that!” – more like a sweet off-handed comment like “Isn’t that pretty?” That’ll do the trick.

For the guys reading this:

Channel your inner CSI fantasy.  Investigate; which means get a little sneaky.   Clock the clothes she wears over the next few days, the trends she favors and colors she chooses.  The real style tipoff, however, are a woman’s preferred bags and shoes, the most reliable indicator of her taste because these two accessories are almost always passion purchases.

Naturally, note the jewelry your intended giftee wear most often (by the way, is anything pierced?), as well as which pieces get repeated showings.  Also, check her Instagram postings and Pinterest apps for noteworthy signs of cravings.

Style #: NK5436Y45JJ

However, if you are fortunate enough to wake up next to each other and really want to play sleuth, snoop inside your lady’s jewelry case.  Does she wear more gold than silver?   Is she attracted to a certain color stone?  What length are her necklaces?  Have a small tape measure or ruler handy for the diameter of a bracelet.   Don’t try to remember, write your findings down.  (You can also take your lady by the wrist while walking and mark on your palm where your fingers touched)  If you are thinking about purchasing a ring, “borrow” one of the ones she wears less often for sizing. Take Smartphone pictures of everything!

Take your data and go directly to Gabriel’s website and give yourself enough time to explore the marvelous range of possibilities.  To make things a little easier, here’s some suggestions based on personality types you might find useful.

Ladies, please, jump to another entry now, as this is supposed to be a surprise, remember?



Feminine Casual: NK4974, LR50751, EG12935



Bohemian: LR50358, NK4414, EG12903


Classic Sophisticated: NK3532, LR51045, LR50477, NK5325


One last point of advice.   Don’t buy what you think she will like.  Second-guessing rarely works in any situation.   This isn’t the part of life that’s a quiz.  Buy her something that you like, a keepsake you would be delighted, even blush to give her.    It doesn’t necessarily insure success but, if you score a direct gush, it does guarantee you will enjoy seeing her wear it as much as she will always smile knowing that it came from you.

7 Gorgeous Preset Engagement Rings

Adore by Gabriel & Co. is a collection of complete engagement rings for young couples highlighted by refreshing and inspired reinterpretations of classic bridal styles. Because these romantic rings have been created to reflect the everlasting love between two individuals, an Adore ring will effortlessly become an integral part of this couple’s exciting milestone and achievement filled future. Like each relationship, every Adore Collection Gabriel & Co Engagement ring glows with its own delicate and unique details. A design that will forever show a bride how much she is loved.


Style #: ER912215C2T44JJ

Cushion Cut Double Halo Engagement Ring

Double the diamonds is the secret of this ring that charms with romantic elegance with the added luster of a delicate blush setting. This nostalgic 1.02 ct diamond engagement ring is a part of our Adore Collection with a suggested retail price at $3,960.




Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Style #: ER912179E2W44JJ

For the bride who always wants to dazzle with glamour will delight in wearing this .99 ct contemporary stunner. This strikingly bejeweled diamond engagement ring is a part of our Adore Collecton with a suggested retail price at $4,905.




Style #: ER912225M2T44JJ

Marquise Halo Engagement Ring

This Marquise Halo Engagement ring is uniquely enchanting. The Rose Gold Halo enhances the cut and shine of this ring. This fancy Marquise cut catches a bride’s eye with its long shape lengths and 0.84 total ct. The mix and match of metals contrast beautifully together on this $4,310 Adore Collection Ring.


Style #: ER912173O1W44JJ



Oval Halo Engagement Ring 

This solitary Oval Cut Diamond shines brilliantly within its perfect halo. Its sophisticated design features clusters of three round diamonds on both sides of the oval cut center stone plus a pave diamond band, adding to the total ct of 0.69, This artistic ring is a part of our Adore Collection with a
suggested retail price of $2,320.


Style #: ER911319O0W44JJ

Oval Double Halo Engagement Ring

With its Oval Diamond centerpiece  surrounded  by these captivating shapes in detailed diamonds this ring is perfect for the woman with smaller, more delicate hands. This innovative .72 ct ring from the
Adore Collection has a suggested retail price of $2,695.


Style #: ER911315O0W44JJ




Oval Halo Intertwined Engagement Ring

Just as marriage weaves two lives together harmoniously, so does this exquisite Oval Halo Engagement ring in our Adore Collection. Two diamond bands of round pave diamonds join together, separately only to wrapping sensuously around the lovely .83 ct. Oval center stone.  Bold and bewitching this ring from our Adore collection has a suggested retail price of $3,455.

White/Pink Gold Oval Double Halo Engagement Ring

Style #: ER912137O0T44JJ

This White/Pink Gold Oval Double Halo Engagement Ring is for that creative princess. With it’s hidden Rose Gold accents beneath; this bride is a true princess inside. The double diamond halos encompass the beauteous Oval center stone. This Adore Collection Ring, totaling 1 ct, has a suggested retail price of $3,750.

How to Select the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring By Bill Boyajian

One of the biggest and most important decisions a couple will make is how to select a diamond engagement ring.  Such a memorable event deserves a lot of attention, and when the cost can be significant, allocating the time to do your homework is well worth the effort.  This holds true even if you are remounting an existing diamond with perhaps a more modern look.

Here are some things to consider for direction, information, and peace of mind when conducting your search:

Style #: ER12960R4W44JJ

1) Research Information Online:  There is no limit to the quantity and quality of information available to you at your fingertips.  Google “diamond engagement rings” to begin your search, and you will be supported with more data that you ever thought possible.  In the process, learn about the 4Cs: Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight in order to gain a basic understanding of the factors that contribute to a diamond’s value.  Regarding Color, most diamonds are very slightly tinted yellowish, and they are graded on a scale of colorless to yellow.  With Clarity, diamonds often have very minute internal or external characteristics, often called inclusions or blemishes, respectively.  Don’t be afraid to purchase a diamond that is very slightly yellowish or even slightly  included.  You can often get a larger stone by doing so, and as everyone knows, size does matter.  For Cut, round brilliant diamonds can now be assessed for the quality of their proportions, and categorized as excellent, very good, good, fair, or poor.  Cut is really important to maximize a diamond’s brilliance and sparkle, so don’t skimp on this.  Carat weight is simply how much the diamond weighs in carats.  For example a 1.15 carat diamond weighs one carat and 15 points.  There are 100 points in a carat.  With the 4Cs, just realize that you can’t do brain surgery by simply reading about it.  Your goal should be to arm yourself with enough good information to ask the right questions when deciding who to buy your diamond from.

Click above for more information on how to select the perfect engagement ring!

2) Establish a Budget:  You know your financial position and roughly how
much you are capable of spending.  That may change when you begin speaking with jewelers about your goal in selecting the right diamond, and the right mounting.  But in the meantime, it’s a good idea to know approximately how much you are prepared to spend on the diamond and engagement ring.  Often, a man is more concerned about the diamond, whereas a woman is more focused on the style of the mounting.  A tradeoff often exists between the purchase of each.  A couple should not shy away from the engagement ring mounting of their dreams because they cannot afford an exquisite center stone just yet.  They may opt to buy the mounting they love with scroll work and diamonds, for example, and obtain a “CZ” or synthetic Moissanite until they can afford the center stone diamond of their dreams.

3) Visit Jewelry Stores:  You’ve probably already seen some pricing online, and may have even changed your mind about what you want to spend on your diamond engagement ring.  Our advice is to visit stores with your newfound knowledge to get an idea of pricing and to search for that one store or salesperson you want to buy your diamond from.  We suggest selecting a 20161113-IMG_7816jeweler like you would pick a family doctor: someone who perhaps has been recommended to you and someone who was “there yesterday and will be there tomorrow.”  All Gabriel partner retailers are vetted as trusted jewelers and we at Gabriel feel confident sending consumers to those locations to purchase engagement rings and center stones.  Most of these jewelers also offer financing options.  Often people feel that a full-service jeweler will have a high mark-up because of their overhead, but you will be surprised at how well you can buy from jewelers today, especially those who want to be your jeweler for a lifetime.

4) The 5th C is Confidence:  There are a lot of people you can buy a diamond engagement ring from, but the one you want is the one who you have complete trust and confidence in.  That’s why this is known as the 5th C.  You are making a significant purchase in terms of a memorable occasion and in terms of value.  A diamond engagement ring can be a “blind item,” one that is very hard to understand and to know that you are getting the proper value.  But if you’ve found the right store and the right salesperson, the one who is knowledgeable and trustworthy, it makes all the difference in the world.

14k White Gold Infinity Engagement Ring – Style #: ER12959S4W44JJ

Another Gemstone Of Your Own

Did you know that you have more than one birthstone? 

Color Stone Group Shot_5Though a committee selected by the National Association of Jewelers created the traditional monthly birthstone list just over a century ago, another system was devised centuries earlier based on ancient Hebrew mythological interpretations of the signs of the Zodiac, which can be found in the book called The Curious Lore of Precious Stones. However, in the Hebraic system, it’s not the month that matters, but the day of the week, and the chosen stone for each day possesses singular mystical powers.birthstone-guide

So are you Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday’s child?

Birthstone Chart

  • Gabriel & Co. 14k White Gold Diamond And Sapphire Stackable Ladies Ring
    Gabriel & Co. 14k White Gold Diamond And Sapphire Stackable Ladies Ring

Click the images above for pricing information and where to shop!

So if you never really loved your birthstone, now you have another option.  And if you really do love your birthstone and have pieces that celebrate it, now you have an excuse to start a whole new collection!

HOW TO: Stack Gabriel & Co. Rings

LR51175, LR4871, LR51184, LR51174

That classic fashion rule of “less is more” is out the door.  Instead, we believe in ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES, especially when it comes to layering, mixing, matching our infinitely exciting stackable rings.


Mix & Match

LR50485, LR6317, LR5701

The fun and beauty of stackable rings is that they give you choice, variety, and even spontaneity, so that you can add a more personalized touch to your individual look. You can create a set that serves as a cohesive design to wear on a daily basis, but then, when the mood hits or the occasion arrives,  mix and match them with more distinct rings. Choose from an array of geometric rings for a bold and edgy look, or a mix of ornate filigree detailed bands with a feminine flair to help get you in the mood for a romantic evening.


Pops of Color

LR4571, LR6319, ER7494, WB7494, LR4588

Stick with one color gold’ is another rule that we are officially and permanently breaking.  Mix yellow with white, rose with yellow, plus add a pop of color by inserting some colored gemstones in between rings with diamonds.  Why shouldn’t your fingers have a wardrobe of rings too?

How many?

As long as your hands appear visually pleasing, and your choices don’t hinder you from getting work done, no number is too many!  However, here are a few things to consider when putting many rings together:

  • Are you going for a carefree boho-inspired carefree image, or a sleek and sophisticated date
    LR4593, LR4748, LR4579, LR6317

    night look?

  • Are you wearing other jewelry, like chunky bracelets, or large drop earrings? 
  • The sizes of the rings in relation to each other also make a difference.  Are the rings you picked all chunky, or you’re mixing in a few thinner ones? Variation is the key to multiples.
  • Can you bend your knuckle?  Does it catch on your knits?   
  • And most important, do you like the way you feel when you wear what you’ve chosen.
Our unparalleled array of stackable rings lets you mix metals, colors and styles to create a look all your own. View our entire Stackable Collection here


Hal Rubenstein and Ralph Lauren
Hal Rubenstein and Ralph Lauren

They call it Fashion Week, but in reality it’s a month long caravan that spans four international cities: New York, London, Milan and Paris.   If style is your passion, Fashion Week can easily hijack your focus and raise your heart rate, but this year you may be finding this season a little confusing. The industry is in upheaval. Business is difficult.  Online shopping threatens the mall.  But fashion’s potentially game-changing new challenge is “Buy-Now-Wear-Now” –runway clothes designed for the current season that you can purchase for immediate wear.  Sounds logical, no?

Gabriel & Co. Fashion Ring LR50650K45JJ
1. A clean and contemporary pink gold diamond ring with a sculptural sensibility. (LR50650K45JJ)

Except, up until now, that isn’t how ready-to-wear worked.  For decades, the formula was that designers presented their clothes six months in advance exclusively to store buyers and magazine editors.  Buyers bought, editors edited, and the season’s choices arrived in stores half a year later, coordinated with their debut in glossy print.

Social media has shredded the blueprint.  Today, runways are livestreamed, favorite looks instantly make the rounds on Instagram, Twitter and Snap Chat, popular bloggers waste no time declaiming their mad crushes and big hates and fast

Carolina Herrera
Designer: Carolina Herrera

fashion produces copies that swiftly land on their racks often within weeks.   By the time said ready-to-wear collections go on sale, more and more shoppers are looking and reacting “been there, seen that.” 

So this fall, such influential designers as Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors and Tom Ford offered Buy-Now-Wear-Now collections – fall clothes that went on sale, online and in-store, hours after they appeared on the runway.  So what did we see that says gotta-have-it-right-this-minute?  

Gabriel & Co. Fashion Ring LR51005W84JJ Gabriel & Co. Bracelet Bangle BG3990W45JJ_BG3844Y45JJ_BG4001Y45JJ_BG3840W45JJ Gabriel & Co. Earrings EG11397W84CL

Pictures: 2, 3, and 4

The best news is the welcome and happily unapologetic swing back towards romance.  It’s not merely the reappearance of ruffles and bows, full skirts and wide leg pants, but the overall spirit is that style has put its faith back in having flair, once again eager to choose excitement over efficiency.  

Gabriel & Co. Fashion Necklace NK4402W84JJ
5. Statement necklaces may be too much atop clothes so strong, but a pendant that boasts singular handwork hanging from delicately interwoven chains will create striking impact. (NK4402W84JJ)

With dress codes relaxing in the workplace, women can indulge in greater options.  Fall clothes boast volume and offer movement.  There is gypsy in its soul, high western strutting in its step, and patterns, make that patterns upon patterns, proclaiming, more strongly than any time in recent memory, that you should present yourself with as much individuality as your confidence will allow.

How does Fashion Week translate to wearing fine jewelry?

Urban Zen by Donna Karan
Designer: Urban Zen by Donna Karan

Take all that jewelry that you’ve saved for special occasions and decide that Tuesday can be one helluva day if you believe it so. Earrings are shown with everything, you can’t have enough, but why not choose a pair of drops that exquisitely balance the sparkle of diamonds against the mysterious glow of moonstone (Picture 4).  Statement necklaces may be too much atop clothes so strong, but a pendant that boasts singular handwork hanging from delicately interwoven chains will create striking impact (Picture 5). Why slip on one simple bangle, when four individually fascinating ones worn together is so much more fun (Picture 3).  And rings whose designs break from the usual bands caressing your fingers in ways that are organic and original, pointing the way to mesmerizing effects.  (Pictures 1 & 2).

Stackable Rings LR4593Y45JJ, LR4748W45JJ, LR4579Y45JJ, LR6317W45J
Stack numerous rings to obtain a chic look and layering effect. (LR4593Y45JJ, LR4748W45JJ, LR4579Y45JJ, LR6317W45JJ)

The key is to make sure your jewelry moves with you because that will add to power to that first – and second – impression.   Ask yourself this, “What will help me make an entrance?”   Doesn’t matter if you are walking into a symphony hall or a supermarket. After all, if social media has taught us anything, it’s that someone is always watching.   So perhaps we should add a phrase to fashion’s new mantra.  How about “Buy-Now-Wear-Now-And-Be-Remembered-Tomorrow?”



Dennis Basso Oscar Dela Renta Ralph Lauren

From left to right: Dennis Basso, Oscar De La Renta, Ralph Lauren

About: Hal Rubenstein
Hal Rubenstein, Gabriel’s global style director, was one of the founding editors of InStyle Magazine where served as Fashion Director for 15 years. Prior to that, Rubenstein was the Men’s Style Director of the New York Times, and was a contributing editor to Vogue, Elle, The New Yorker, New York, Interview, Ocean Drive and Details. Rubenstein is co-director of The Fund in the Sun Foundation, on the boards of The Paul Taylor Dance Company and Live Out Loud. In addition to creating and editing the cult classic Egg Magazine, Rubenstein is also a noted food critic and consultant, appears regularly on HSN with his eponymous clothing line and is the author of four books, his latest being The Looks of Love:50 Moments in Fashion that Inspired Romance  (HarperCollins, 2015).

The Rise In Rose Gold Everything

IMG_6051-Edit_editRight now rose gold is a tour-de-force in all aspects of modern design. Rose gold accessories, rose gold nails and just about everything else have become a slam-dunk sign of glam. From the darling of lifestyle bloggers to a recognizable guest in wedding registries, rose gold is one of the new best friends of girls and women everywhere.

Rose gold has had a few different names in it’s short life, like pink gold, red gold and Russian gold. Red gold and pink gold are slightly varying shades of gold that have fallen under the catchall term rose gold, as time has gone by. There are many choices too when it comes this shimmering shade. Most jewelers now have rose gold versions for their engagement ring and wedding band designs.Gabriel-ER7527K44JJ-1

Rose gold is a blend of gold and copper that give it a complimentary blushing hue. Rose gold pairs well with all kinds of skin tones, giving a warm, youthful glow to all it touches. It comes in 14k or 18k gold. Rose gold also gives a great extra pop to gemstones and diamonds set within it. Translucent diamonds and pink sapphires get a dramatic facelift when set in rose gold. Mostly because we are so used to seeing them set in white gold.


The rise of rose gold’s popularity can be traced back to the simple fact that it was often seldom seen in jewelry stores or worn with as a fashion accessory. It made a fashionable appearance with some jewelry designers and watchmakers in the 1940s and 1950s but most times it had been on the sidelines compared with the popularity of white gold. Rose gold still has that maverick, fashion-forward, limited-edition quality that appeals to those who want something new while still being understated.

Rose gold was originally fromegg the age of Russian Czars, a time of decadence and turmoil. Rose gold is found on traditional Faberge eggs and Soviet engagement rings in later years. While the demand of rose gold has risen and fallen since it became more widely introduced in the 19th century, it has never had the kind of supercharged popularity it is enjoying at this very moment. Rose gold was known as an embellishment but never the headlining color that yellow gold has been. Until now, that is.

The secret behind rose gold’s stacksuccess comes from its versatility. Rose gold has the ability to pair beautifully with yellow gold and white gold. Any rose gold ring can fit right into a stackable rings set.


Rose gold can also be usedGabriel-ER12823C4T44JJ-2 discretely to distinguish the elegant details that might otherwise be missed, as seen in this ring from our Blush collection.

From tech companies Apple to Samsung, the color rose gold has taken the tech world for it’s perceived luxurious look and uniquely soft copper hue. Rose gold has become a defining color in the minimalist styling and athleisure attitudes of our decade. A trend that’s likely to continue for the foreseeable future, so don’t worry about rose gold going out of style, especially if it fits right in with yours.

HOW TO: Choose Hoop Earrings

Things to remember when it comes to hoop earrings:

  • The best way to make any look sexier is to put on a pair of hoops
  • EVERY woman looks sensational in a pair of hoops
  • Hoops never have, and never will go out of style, just like a black pump or your favorite LBD.

hoopWhich pair of hoops is best for you?

You’ll either fall in love with a pair, put them on, and you’re done because you’ll never want to take them off. Or, you’ll want to acquire a small collection of hoops for different occasions, outfits and moods. Either way, you first need to find which hoops look best on you.  

What to look for when trying on hoops:

The weight of the hoop

You want them to be comfortable enough for you to wear all day, or all night! Gabriel & Co. hoops are so light, it makes wearing every size a possibility.EG12901_edited

The size of the hoop

The larger the hoop is, the more movement it will have, and the more it will frame your face, which will garner more attention.

The metals and details

Do you prefer gold or silver, diamond adorned or other precious stones? Do you like a sleek style or more ornate, with a filigree detail? Try on a few styles; you never know which pair, (or pairs) work for you!

The length of your hair

EG12897_editedWill a delicate and dainty hoop get lost in your long luscious locks? Is a big hoop going to overwhelm a short crop, or perfectly juxtapose a bob?  How does the effect of the hoop change when you wear your hair up or down?

The shape of your jawline

Varying sizes in hoop earrings can accentuate your natural features. They can elongate the face, giving the illusion of strengthening a softer jawline or highlighting a cheekbone, depending on where they fall around your face.

The sparkle and size of the stones

intricate_hoopsGabriel & Co.’s diamond hoops have a beautiful glimmer of sparkle, which can add a subtle touch of shimmer and elegance to any look, be it weekend casual, or evening glamour.

Gabriel & Co.’s hoop earrings are distinct in that we have a screwback feature in all our hoop earrings, so the one thing you won’t have to think about when trying on our hoops are whether you will lose them. 

Summer Jewelry By Hal Rubenstein

BG3883Y45JJ_BG3851W45JJ_BG3850W45JJ~IG~SMALL~FASHION EG13185Y45JJ_LR51127Y45JJ~edited summer jwlry

As someone who has always loved shiny, pretty things, and believes minimalism is highly overrated, I find it unimaginable that anyone would prefer to face the day without adornment.

But even my exuberant faith needs some adjustment in the good old summertime, when jewelry takes on a different glow, a more noticeable profile, a different temperature, and some curious challenges.  So here are points to consider when you want put a shine on in the sunlight.

  • Diamonds appear twice their size in summer sun. So adjust accordingly depending on whether you want to stand out or stick out.


  • Favor colored stones that easily catch the light like aquamarines, peridots, citrines, quartz, morganite and fire opals over light absorbing gems like garnets, malachite, or onyx.BG3831_3888_3428_edited
  • Pearls may be white but on their own they look elegantly at odds in bucolic settings or along the shore and are often vulnerable if you are engaged in sports or strenuous activity.  The exception to this caution, however is any time you reach for a Little Black Dress.
  • Less precious metals like copper, brass or alloys heat up much more rapidly in the summertime. Stick to the good stuff.NK5565Y45JJ-1
  • The most obvious statement you may be making with a statement necklace, or any form of big link chain is “Oh, my word, this is making me sweat!” Summer is the season for jewelry that’s weightless and airy, that fluidly moves and swings.


  • Under a full moon, candlelight, the strung bulbs of an outdoor café, or Gabriel-EG13259W84JJ-2LED lights in a club, long earrings with faceted sparkle will act as you own
    personal lighting system, highlighting your face, enhancing your cheekbones and fresh tan
  • If you are wear jewelry to the beach, do not remove it to go in the water. A beach bag is too careless a place to put something so precious, for it is too easily mislaid or stolen.
  • Nevertheless, just as extreme heat makes fingers swell, the sudden plunge into a cold ocean or frigid lake can make fingers “shrink”. Make sure your rings are secure, or leave them at home.

In fact, do not wear your best jewelry to the beach, for, oh so many reasons:

  • It’s not only abrasive, it’s torture when it’s time to search for that lost earring, which is why we strongly recommend Gabriel’s patented screwback hoops.


  • an aggressive wave can be a jewlery thief
  • sweat and silver are not good friends
  • sun tan oil and bug repellent gets into links and setting, dulls metal’s shine and forms a film over stones
  • chlorine is no ally of pendants hanging from leather, or braided bracelets made from any fabric.  It can compromise their strength and discolor them.  Over-chlorinated hot tubs can even discolor silver.


  • NEVER wear jewelry while gardening. Besides getting it filthy, certain chemicals in soil can do damage, unknown buried matter can scratch or catch bracelets. Gardening gloves don’t necessarily solve the issue.  When you are done, you can easily pull off a ring without knowing it.  Take it off what matters before you get too close to nature.
  • Take into account that sunglasses with polished wire or metal counts as jewelry in the overall picture.
  • On one hand, it’s great to take your favorite pieces with you when you go on vacation especially if it’s going to be a romantic getaway. If that’s the case, either put them on and never take them off, or make sure the pieces you packed are insured. Hotel safes are not exactly Fort Knox, and hotels make it very clear that they not responsible for lossesIMG_9610 2


  • Summer knits are so appealing and sensual because of their seductively open loose weaves. But they are also a web just waiting to ensnare your jewelry and break your heart. Remove adornments with edges, catches unique geometry or easy movement before you put on or take off your knits.  We don’t want the sun to catch you crying.